Help dealing with order anxiety

Yep playing with what I already have in flashlights, knives, multitools, and Zippo lighters does seem to help a lot. Now I have a new DMM so I can play with that as well. I want more stuff. LOL

Maybe the best way to keep yourself occupied until your orders arrive is to read our comments. LOL

Which has the enormous advantage of being a LOT less expensive - at least till it prompts you to buy more stuff. :bigsmile:

I ordered an $8 Sipik close off Ebay and it arrived really fast, Two weeks i think.

At the same time i placed an order at DX and it took 8 days to just fill and ship my order, And im still waiting on it as its on US soil im pretty sure now.

Order: XX12T5XX placed on 6/12/2011 11:24:44 AM

Status: (of current shipment) On 6/21/2011: Shipped

But i expected this going into the order and had many items due off ebay to keep me occupied until this one arrived. But I didn't think id go this nuts waiting on an order. I have another order to place and im gonna divide it up with Manafont and DX and Ebay.

I stalk my mailman every morning now as he delivers in the early morning in hopes of him have a nice sized package for me. From China and not his pants.

But as others have said im trying to space orders out between the USA and China so i keep a steady flow of presents to me all month long. Luckily $15 can buy alot in China making it worth the wait. If not for that id never wait so long for any shipment.