Help finding 90+ CRI, high lumens flashlight

I am looking for a 18650 flashlight with many lumens, CRI at least 90. Flood over throw. Physical size is not important. My budget is up to 60usd.

If you know some possible options please tell me.

Hi RagnarLofterud!
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Here are some suggestions for you, both fot High-CRI lights!

This will be floody, it is a triple and you can choose it in 5700K or 4000K Nichias.

€ 24,21 | JAXMAN E2L 3LED TIR LENS flashlight 18650 flashlight torch Nichia 219C

This will be less floody, as it only has 1 Led, and you can also choose it in different colour temperatures.

€ 12,76 | Gray Convoy S2+ with nichia 219C,Ra>90,DTP copper plate,ar-coated glass lens,7135 biscotti firmware

You can also take a look to the Emisar D4V2 and Noctigo KR4 which offer some High CRI leds for even more flood:

Do you know does the JAXMAN lego with the S2+?

I cannot answer to that as I don’t have any Jaxman :zipper_mouth_face: Also, it may depend on the models (both from Jaxman and Convoy).

They appear to lego fine with my two hosts. Although, I “heard” the new S2+’s that are shipping now, are threaded differently. I can’t confirm that though

You should get yourself familiar with this site. Awesome flashlights most available in high CRI option. Reliable provider, no tricks.

You also have the YLP Escort T95CRI:

Convoy S2+ or S12 with 219C, LH351D, or SST-20. I recently purchased some S2+ with 2700k SST-20 and 5700k 219C and they are excellent.

I know it doesn’t meet your 18650 battery requirement. But it does come with a 21700 battery for $33.
It is the Sofirn C8F as seen here: Sofirn C8F

3500 lumen, CRI 90, with 5000k tint.

But it may be too “throwy”, for your needs.

Zebralight SC600Fc Mk IV Plus

A few dollars over your price limit but, it’s worth it in my opinion.

Lumintop FW3a

Fireflies E07 w/ 95CRI SST-20 4000K FA3 bin. Beats the 219C 4000K tint by a huge distance.

But E07v2 with a high efficiency buck driver and USB-C charging is coming out very soon so I would wait and see.