Help finding best price for a 22.2v 6S LiPo battery pack...

Hello everyone,

Do you know where can I get the lowest price on a 22.2v 6S lipo battery pack with a capacity of at least 3500 mah? I see hobbyking has a 5000mah for $54 is there something cheaper or a deal going on somewhere?


What are your size / weight requirements? Is multiple packs w/ a series harness an option?

If I was going for cheap LiPo’s I’d stick with HobbyKing. Nobody has both a better track record and a better price than HK.

4Ah for $42.50 before shipping:

Two $22.10 batteries in series could give you 5Ah w/ 6s for $44.20 before shipping - ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 20C (USA Warehouse)

I am going to replace 2 12v SLA’s in series so weight and size doesn’t matter really as long as its 22.2v and can handle a 14 amp draw

Believe me, you don’t want CHEAP LiPo packs… unless you have a morbid fire fetish.

So what did you end up buying? I’m curious to know what is your application that draws 14A…

I bought 2 x 11.1v Turnigy 5000mah battery packs that I got for $40 shipped on ebay and installed them in an electric lawnmower.

An electric lawnmower uses only 300W of power?! That must be a really small one then isn’t it?