Help finding info

Trying to find info on the DQG “Slim”AA. I found the light for sale but it is a bit confusing reading about batteries and extension tubes. It appears it requires an extra tube for AA.

A link to it can help.

Looks like it is a 14250 tail clicky light so to run on 14500 or AA cells would require the addition of an extension tube or tubes.
Probably just be the one extra tube for AA and 3 for running on two AA’s?
Quite like it, might get it for a XHP70 or 35 mod :smiley:

Thank you both. I was just going to post link when you replied. Looked a bit small for a AA in standard format.

Beautiful light for sure!
And CRX has plans with it, oh boy, thanks for starting this topic!

Can you elaborate a bit?

CRX is a master modder and builder, click on his name and check his threads out, you see what I mean :wink:
If he had become interested in this light there is a chance he will mod it and add another thread in the future, win!

He’s just playin’ around as I have been known to do ridiculous things with the tiny DQG lights :slight_smile:

I like ridiculous. Interested in this little light but know nothing about that battery.

Yes these 14250 cells are hard to find quality versions of.
The numbers indicate the cells dimensions, 14250 means 14mm diameter, 25mm long and the zero means round so an AA cell would be 14500 size but don’t confuse the two.
Cells that are stated as 14500, 10440, 18650 etc are 4.2 volt cells (3.7v average voltage) but cells stated as AAA, AA etc are different chemistries with lower voltages, usually 1.2 - 1.5v. Alkaline, NiMH etc and require different chargers.
Don’t know if you knew this already but anyway :+1:

Did not know most of that so thank you very much. May try the light anyway.

Cool, the good thing about that light is it appears to accept all the different battery types.
Check out the Lithium 101 safety link in The Millers sig or the Led’s & Other Stuff link in mine for loads more information.