Help finding reflector, HD2010 size or larger.

Remember someone looking for a HD2010 reflector recently and no one could find one. Need a reflector similar to a HD2010 reflector with the same characteristics, could be larger or even a little smaller.

reflector burnt ?
sst 90 reflector if you are handy

but you can make your old reflector to 80-90% again.

No burnt reflector, need this for a build. Who sells a reflector that size?

Thanks penumbra, KD is one of the places I forgot to look.

Any thread/website teaches about the reflector repairing like this?

I think KD is moving towards only listing items that are sold out.

They save a fortune on bubble wrap that way.

Yes, the pre-popped bubble wrap costs around 3 times as much as the virgin stuff.

take a bolt of about 3-5 cm with the diameter of the hole of the reflector.
put a rubber dps first bolt and then run reflector securely.

do the bolt to a hand drill and lay it flat on a rag or old towel on your pump or stone sink.

then turn around to fairly slow speed and rub with a piece of water sandpaper 280-1000 or smaller.
then with steel wool or soft cloth with many aluminum polish.

for final finish using a fine cloth such as glasses or PC screen first with aluminum polish.

Then make the reflector, brushing him with glasses cloth with some polish and down.
This would give a very nice effect already.
but if you mount the reflector and you do your flashlight is still a matte appearance with minor scratches.

mostly gone to work that we brush by hand reflector with a silicone - or even better a Teflon spray (for bicycles).
The result is surprising and reflector you can not burn.

Thanks! It’s look like quite some works to be done. I will slowly look into that. :beer:

Ordered 3 of the Kaidomain reflectors using 3 separate orders so they would ship separate and not get scratched. Website said they were in stock and after placing the orders they now say they are back ordered. KD, learn how to run a business. Now I have to waste my time trying to get the orders canceled.

Dont be surprised if they all arrive together in the same package.

And all stacked together like shiny Russian nesting dolls.

Should we start a pool to see who can guess closest to the actual date they're delivered?