Help! FW21pro button is stuck on!

Anyone know how to fix a stuck sealed tailswitch? Its just a paperweight now cause otherwise its a serious fire starter!!!

If you take off the head and take out the battery.
Then tighten the crap out of the tailcap.
Then reassemble, what happens?

If the switch still doesn’t work, you can replace the tailcap:

Wow, I’m really impressed!!! Worked like a charm! I had taken the tailswitch off in hopes of finding something wrong but I guess I should’ve tried tightening it first! Thank you so much!!! You and others are the reason blf is awesome! Hopfully I didnt post this in a terrible spot…:roll_eyes:

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For me tightening the tail before the head is the Key.
I’m certain it affects the way the inner switch tube makes contact with the contact rings on the tailswitch and driver.

Glad it’s working now for you!