Help identifying driver


I wonder if anyone could help me to identify a driver I just got on a Hong-Kong bought bike light.
There is no marking, or at least very difficult to see any on the uC/pwm.
The pcb is marked "TR-0110B" , and its produced now in September.
It has five modes, of which two are annoying blinking modes which I would like to disable if possible.

Link to a picture:


Is it MagicShine MJ-8xx bike light or some cheaper copy (of copy - MS is also copy of Tesla)? You gave no data about light itself - link or something....

I haven't got any reliable data.. and its probably a copy of a copy of a copy..
According to a paper in the package it's a "XECCON"
..and it should be 1600lm and 3 modes, but the Ebay shops says 1200lm and it really has 5-modes..

Here is the link to the Ebay shop:

I have really tried to find data.. but not even Google is my friend in this case.

Yes there are quite a few of copies around. Never heard of 5 mode one before. Newer Magicshine driver I can look into has different driver with bigger IC and on oposite side than yours. I don't dare to disassemble older P7 one just to look IC, sorry. I might ask someone who is having problems with switch right now and will disasseble two year old Magicshine MJ-808. BUT it's 3 mode only (full, low, strobe), so no dice for you.

I would suggest you to seek around all you can find about 5 mode Magicshine MJ-808 at DX - see I suspect your light might be a copy of this one. Hope this would help you.....

Yes, I will continue my search.. I was hoping that it would have been a common type with a cute processor I could re-program and take away the silly flash-modes.. (or maybe just move a jumper or something)
Thanks for your efforts.