Help identifying these leds + suitable driver - interchangable multi headed flashlight project

Hi guys, I am messing around with a little project and wondered if any of you could help me out.
I need help with getting a driver, but first need to know what led’s they are and voltage etc (I think they may be epistar 1w 300mA 3.2-3.4v).

They came out of a GU10 led 6.6w lamp - this one Pro-Lite Dimmable LED GU10 Sun-Star Pro 6.6w spot bulb (daylight, 6w, 6000K)
The plate has no resistors or anything, just the leds and 2 wires (which went to a 240v driver) it says it’s 6.6w so they must have been over driven as it says 4x1w in the text on the board.
Do you think this could be made to run of 1 or 2 18650’s? which driver if you do - I will be beefing up the back with some solid copper so may be driven a little harder than 1.65w each.
I can’t reveal too much as it may be an entry into the competition….if it is possible at all :wink: .
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

those are generic 1 or 3 watt luxeon clones.they appear to be wired in series and with a vf averaging 3.5v you need around 14v + or -.
limit current to 350ma.
the 3w version i have take dd from an 18650 with with nothing but a quarter and a thin tube for a heatsink.
with the bulbs rating of 6.6w those are bound to be 1w parts.
the standard build methods dictate that not a fraction of a cent more than absolutely needed will be spent on the parts.and the whole thing is built right to the edge.

Thankyou for your help, I have already ordered a driver, I took a chance and ordered this one Nanjg 101-AK-A1
I am not entirely confident it will work now =(

No it won't work when the LEDs need a nominal 12V, that is a linear driver that works with a single 18650 input.

Ah well, never mind it was only cheap =)
What to do next I wonder? - I didn’t have a lot of luck finding a driver, maybe use some different led’s and board.
Am I correct in thinking if they were in parallel it may have worked?
I wish I could understand electronics better lol, it’s something I have always had a ‘mental block’ with - general engineering (making stuff) etc I’m fine with.
Again, thanks for your reply - for us electronic dummies it is so helpful =)

Basically I was trying to do a custom build for the competition, I work in an electrical wholesalers so see many led lamps - this particular one is screwed together and the driver in the black base is easily hollowed out (which I have never seen before)
I thought of having an interchangeable/multi head torch - the head of which (all inside the gu10 lamp) would contain all the electronics and the handle just the battery/s and switch. The idea being you could have all different heads with different configs/power amps/colours etc which could be just clicked on like changing a regular gu10 lamp :slight_smile: would save having many flashlights! A bit like those vaping units and their tanks.
Would connect in to the body using a gu10 flylead with ceramic holder

I hope that all makes sense?
I was only using this led board (photo in post 1) because it obviously fits and lines up with the reflector etc.

you could wire them paralel and use a driver good for around 1.5a.
having the optics and holder is nice if your host will fit it.