Help in building first flashlight

Hi all

I would be grateful if you guys could help me building my first flashlight.

My idea was something like a Ultrafire C8 but maybe with a zoom.
Because I could not buy a true one (the one I bought was a fake and I return it) I would like to build one.

To be easy for me, because it will be the first, my idea is to buy a cheap fake one and modify it.

I would like to have a flashlight at least the 900Lm that CREE led xml-t6 can reach and with an autonomy around 2 hours.

Can you guys give me some suggestions?


Uniquefire T20 comes to mind, but 2 hours of runtime with that kind of output is pushing it in a single 18650 light. Jax Z1 with an XM-L2 and a high capacity battery would get you there, but it may be short of 900 lumens in flood with the stock current levels, but if you bump it up you won’t get 2 hours of runtime unless you run it with the extension tube and 2 cells.

Small Sun ZY-T08. Twin parallel 18650’s will give you all the run time you need. Load it with an XM-L2 and a 3A driver and a pair of Panasonic 3400 mAhr NCR 18650 B’s.

^ Not a zoomie, but it solves the runtime issue.

There are also 26650 Zoom lights. one and two cell.


Thanks for the suggestions.
So where can I find good material to build it? Driver, led and flashlight body?