HELP! Is my intellicharger i4 fake/counterfeit?

Hi guys.

First… I dont want to say where I purchased this intellicharger i4… I will only say if we conclude that it is fake/counterfeit…

I had a i2 from manafont since a year or two ago… It is legit because it has serial number both in the box and in the back of the charger….

but now I recently received a i4 and…… Just after opening the box I realized that something was wrong with that charger….

First… It arrived completely full of dust and debris… And the surface of the plastics arrived with markings as if someone mistreated it…. (My i2 arrived totally clean and with no marks on the surface of the plastic)….

Second. When I plugged and unplugged to the mains…. The leds didnt lit up as my i2 does… My i2 leds lit first the first one… Then it lits off and the second one lits on… And finally the second led lits off and lits on the third one. when unplugging the i2 it does the same.

But with this i4… When pluggin it to the mains… All leds lit on simultaneusly and instantly all leds go off.

And third and most important: IT HAS NOT SERIAL NUMBER NOR IN THE BOX NOR IN THE BACK OF THE CHARGER… (my i2 has serial number both in the back and in the box…. and they do match)

Is it genuine or a fake?

Ps: I read on fasttech that nitecore is no longer putting serial numbers on both the i2 and the i4… But I dont know if that applies only to the 2014 versions or also to the older ones…. (Mine IS NOT 2014 version because it has the blue mains plug instead of the yellow mains plug installed on 2014 versions)

any help? Thanks

Can post some pictures please.
The serial number thing happened on older versions, too. There are older versions as the 2014 without a serial number, but genuine.

The backlabels are also different of genuine chargers. Comare the backlabels of the i4 V2 of this reviews (HKJ, selfbuilt - both a famous reviewers and often get their products directly from the manufacturer)

Selfbuilt review (with out serial number)

HKJ compare V1 and V2 (in his V2 review the backlavbel is not shown)

I have an I2 and the leds have the same behavior as yours. Now you got me thinking my charger is fake. It is 2014 edition. My back label looks like the one in selfbuilt’s review, no serial number.

If it burns longer than 22 minutes it was fake.

Legit ones flame out at 19 minutes:)

No, really, the I4 should light up all Leds for a second when plugging in and then go away.
Just because there is no serial number does not make it fake.

Try charging a battery under supervision if you are still uncertain.
No, it should not have showed up looking used.
I have yet to see someone post a picture of a verified fake.

Good luck