Help, looking for a ultra compact 18650 flashlight

Hey Everyeone,

I'm looking for a bright, ultra compact 18650 I'm a real noob on flashlights so I need some help. I'm leaning twards the tr-801 Q5 3 mode or something like it. I'm looking to spend under $20.

I need to know some model numbers to even start looking and some good websites. I want a bright one but not so bright at the expense of useability, IE burn your hands, catch the woods on fire ect

The batteries are on the way, Hi-max 2600 and xtar 2600's I have the charger, a WF-188

Thanks, Jason

maybe the L2 N-light at $17

or there is a eastward at DX that I've never heard anyone talk about .

how about the trustfire t2 xpg r5 available at manafont. $22.33 side switch a little over your budget.

TR801 for $12.85

Good Luck!!!

Sky Ray G5 at Manafont for 17.75 is looking good, but I haven't seen reviews so far. Looks like an XP-G emitter on the pics and it has 5 modes with memory.

Sky Ray P10 is in the same category.

Fandyfire 2100 too.

yeah I like the g5 or the fannyfire too

18650 compact lights:

1 mode

5 mode

3 mode

1 mode

3 mode

5 mode

5 mode

3 mode

5 mode

2 mode

5 mode with xpg-r5

5 mode with xpgr5 too

You have many to choose

Yep, FandyFire is the way to go. I have the 2100 1-mode version coming. Will definitely do a review once it arrives. With lots of pics from the name and logo side of the light...

After the review, it's about to be XML'ified and Nanjg 105'ified.

Get a TR-801 and mod it like I did: - its only 97mm tall! I I am waiting for the optics: to replace the reflector - that should give a nice uniform light pattern.

Please inform the men as soon as it arrives, I have my Paypal trigger cocked and ready. I like the looks very much, maybe with the exception of the GITD tailcap.

Yep, will do. Just don't hold your breath. I ordered it on 23.5 (that'll be one week ago) and the order status is still "packing".

The Ultrafire P10 is compact, very light (54 gram without the battery, 100 gram with a protected 2500mAh Trustfire) and very bright.

The heat transfer is also very good.

If you decide on the P10, buy the one from Manafont labeled as a Sky Ray. It is the same light and Manafont will get it it you much quicker and their customer service is a bit more responsive.

I already have one, bought at DX last year (november).

Thanks for all the links! There are a lot more too choose from than I came up with on my own. I really like the FannyFire 2100. HID45, Hopefully you get one soon. I would like to wait and see the review.

Let's just hope it doesn't light HID45s fanny on fire ..... ;-)

It's the same light as the yezl z1.. for the money it's hard to beat .. mizjif is one of a few members who hates this light .most think it's pretty decent just is over priced (it was 25$/xpg now the z-1 is an xml + is 29.95+shhipping )..I assume the yezl has a few advantagesover the fandyfire .. it probably has a better driver and a better pill /copper / .. other than that i assume it's the exact same light .$17 imho is a decent price for this light

there are reviews on BLF for yezl z1 just do a search .. i know match took one apart and at least did a mini review

Me neither. And I really like it, reminds me Sunwayman lights, that I like badly :bigsmile: (too bad they aren't budget :( )

N-Light L2 could be a good choice also. I was thinking on buying one with actual offer from Ric.

Are any of the ultra compact available in neutral tint with either correctly working memory or single mode? I now have just too many cool white and want to graduate to neutral but I will not put up with "always turns on in the next mode" type of multi mode.

There is, but it exceeds the $20 limit a little.

ShiningBeam S-mini Neutral White LED Flashlight 335 Lumens

That is a rather impressive flashlight. Too bad it's out of my range.