Help me build an infrared LED therapy light

Some friends of mine are using infrared LED lights for injury healing, but these things are pricey! This one costs $185, but it’s basically a high-power infrared LED flashlight.

With some help from BLF, I think I can make one of these. Here are the specs of the $185 device.

18650 battery
2600mw input
1500mw output
660nm infrared LED

So far, I’ve found a 3W 660nm LED on a 20mm star with 700mw output for $3.40 here.

I’m a novice at this, but it appears the $185 device is using a more powerful LED and driver than this. Any idea where I could find those parts?

I was thinking of getting a Convoy S2 host or complete light and modding it with this 660nm LED.

Oh, and one more thing… the typical 850 infrared LEDs won’t work for therapy. It has to be 650-660nm…. 700 or 850nm won’t work.

660nm is not infrared. Its deep red.

Try mouser or digikey. LED Engin makes some high power 660nm emitters. LZ1-00R200 is 1000mA @ 2.5v. Higher than that philips luxeon but costs more.

Can you link to where anyone give an indication of the tendlite power? Quite honestly that thing looks like weak crap. Bit of googling shows its 3xAAA.

$185 is a massive rip off.

Oh wait!
They will sell you one UltraFire BRC for $15.
Wow, some of the worst crap you can find in li-ion land for only $15?

And $18 for a classic hazardous $2 china charger.

Their user manual is accidentally honest about the battery capacity. :smiley:

oh wow…interesting…but don’t know anything about IR led’s

660nm emitters. LZ1-00R200 is 1000mA @ 2.5v
Ultra-small foot print – 4.4mm x 4.4mm
They are $6.70~ a pop at Mouser

Can you actually “feel” a heat energy from those type IR emitters??

I wonder if a custom OSHPark PCB with multiple emitters (more emitters at less current) would be a way to go?

Similar to SCARU’s 3x or 7x XM-L PCB star w/ thermal vias under the emitters?

With current LED technology, I think your only going to buys scam product, plenty around claiming all sorts of miracles at different wave lengths.

The amount of infrared from a standard heat lamp is huge compared to what you could do wit LEDs.

LED isn’t the right solution for every application.

Do we have any data that this wavelength of light will do anything at all?

Why not trust the ancients and build yourself a Violet Ray device?

It works if you believe it will. Unless you have an actual, physical problem needing therapy or medical intervention…

Guys, the OP just asked for help selecting parts. Lets not call him a quack, shall we. :beer:

The placebo effect does work to some extent.
Its fine as long your building it instead of paying a scammer $185.

Did some digging

I can’t make heads or tails of it

Apparently there is a growing market…good grief…look at how much they are charging for these simple multiple emitter devices…daggum

I do know that TENS work VERY well when I injure my back

For a driver you can use a simple, cheap nanjg driver. A 660nm LED voltage is low compared to a li-ion (3v - 4.2v) so a nanjg driver could use some heatsinking to maintain the current.

agreed…it would be a little high, but as long as current was limited and there was good thermal management, the emitters should be able to handle it…the vF on the datasheet said 2.25 to 2.9 vdc so I think the 3.3vdc out of 7135’s would be ok…a wee bit high but alot better than direct drive

You could run a 7135 driver from a 3v CR123, I actually ran a 7135 driver at 2.8vin (NiMH pack) to a Amber XP-E before, worked great and no excess voltage for the 7135’s to burn off as heat. Could do the same with the LEDENGIN at 3vin.

What is the minimum cutoff voltage for the 7135 regulator?

The Cree PhotoRed is within the required range at 650-670nm.
See page 7.

700ma is the suggested max but with good heat-sinking and a DTP star, going to 1500ma shouldn’t be an issue, and the Vf issue would also be minimized through a standard NANJG driver.

$3.42 each at Mouser:
$1.99 each Noctigon 16mm MCPCB from Mtn Electronics
$17.89 SkyRay G6 stainless steel 18650 flashlight Sky Ray G6 CREE XP-G R5 LED Stainless Flashlight Review: SKY*RAY G6 Stainless Steel XP-G R5 18650 Flashlight
$3.35 4x 7135 NANJG 101-AK driver

…and you too can be pain free without your wallet being emptied.

Someone here can probably build a firmware for the 30 second timeout pretty easily.

edit: 1500mw is only about 670ma through the driver (2.25V at 666.67 amps is 1500mw), so a 2x NANJG 47-AK with a 7135 disabled will work perfectly. Leave the lens out of the flashlight and you have no lens losses either if you care for the unit like a medical device.

you can easily add a 5W high power diode to accept a standard voltage drop between the 7135 output and the emitter.
They are small and will make up the difference for the lower Vf of the red emitters while still maintaining the current regulation.

You can always run this direct through two 7135’s because you don’t need modes for this light, right?

Sorry to correct you, but I really don’t think anyone is calling the OP a quack, we’re just trying to help him/her avoid becoming a victim of one.

Let's thank the quacks, they provide the excuse to build a weird 660nm 1500mW output flashlight

I have always been Under the assumption they were 2.2-6vin (which is why I even tried the idea and it definitely worked, led current was regulated at 700mA). Tho I could be wrong on the spec cause it’s just what I always assumed but don’t tell my running light that lol. It was in a starrylight SA-22 with 4AA’s in 2s2p for 2.4-2.8v.

Spec is 2.7-6v but there is no available data showing how accurate that is. The datasheet arbitrarily specs that I think, no graph is given to back it up and if there’s a description it doesn’t say much as I recall. It’s possible that the thing works fine at a lower voltage.