help me choose a keychain light > Jetbeam mini one se VS tiki Gitd VS astrolux K2

my budget is under 25 usd delivered

1. Jetbeam MINI ONE se
3. Astrolux K2

best overall, which one and why?

UPDATE: new contender sofirn SC01 (keychain Light) $17.54 usd from aliexpress.
seems like a nice contender, its a ‘screw in to turn on’ light so no accidental presses in pocket. it is full metal construction so its tougher than the other 3. its tiny. and at 300 lumens it has 28 min (advertised) battery life? id expect 20 min. i do miss the UV light but i really dont care much about the other functions of the other 3 lights. so now its a toss up between the sofirn sc01 vs the jetbeam

Personally, I would go with Rovyvon since they are the original maker of this keychain light style. They have a great deal on the A8 right now and you are not encouraging copycats. Best part of the A8: Nichia 219C, 4500k, 90 CRI.

ive noticed its way more expensive than the above 3, would you say it has a better build quality? if a copy is done right i dont see an issue with it. link to deal?

Never tried the 3 you mentioned but I own an A5 and it has been riding on my keys for more than a year without any issues.

BTW, act fast if you want it, it’s the last day for this 50% deal

with delivery its $31.90 its exactly twice the price of the jetbeam mini one Se $15.84 is it twice as good? we are nearing the price fo a lumintop nano gt light $34.56 which is much cooler than all these lights lol

I agree the shipping kills the deal. However, IMHO, the Nichia part worth every penny. Don’t compare it to a Nano GT, these lights have completely different purpose.

MINI ONE EDC and NITECORE TIP SE are quite popular too.

Love my jetbeam mini one. My k2 kept accidentally activating. Don’t have experience with the other

where do you see that price?

as far as “copies”
imo Rovyvon was first to commercially promote that thumb size light, but they are not the manufacturer.

other companies have accessed the same factory, and ordered slightly different configurations.

so imo, what makes Rovy more expensive is their profit margin, and feature bundle.

IF you find the Jetbeam feature set suitable, including whether or not it offers High CRI, then there is nothing about the Rovy that makes it a higher “quality” light.

I often see high priced items that are followed by lower price “copies”. imo it is more of a feature set difference, than a quality difference.

buy the one with the features, and price, that interests you. They are all equally likely to be of durable and reliable quality.

ps, I looked up the Jetbeam Mini One SE and info says it has a
I hate that LED and would only buy that light if I was planning to mod, or swap out the LED to High CRI

for me, High CRI is a High Priority… thats my story, and Im sticking to it :slight_smile:

of those, the K2 is the only one with a High CRI primary LED…

I care about easy to implement lock out for a keychain light, and only RovyVon offers that.

RovyVon is more expensive, but because they have the best lock out, that's what I would get.

I really don't understand why other manufacturers don't just copy RovyVon's lock out function.

thanks for the info that you require lockout for your Rovy

it seems the Jetbeam does not need lockout:

I do not own any of those thumb lights, so cant say what the differences are that cause the Rovy and K2 to false activate…

I personally do not own any lights that require lockout. It is one reason I dont own any Anduril lights… I just dont want the extra steps required to lock and unlock, every time I use a light.

With the RovyVon keychain lights, all it takes is a long press to enter (or exit) lock out.

different strokes…

I would not buy the Tiki simply because it requires long hold for off

the Jetbeam and the K2 both have click on, click off, which I prefer… not a fan of long hold…

fwiw, if youre wanting lockout, it is an option, both
the Jetbeam and K2 offer lockout

the Rovy lights have different UI’s depending on which model… I got lost and confused, trying to figure out the differences… that was enough for me to move past the Rovy… I like KISS UIs (not into long hold for on or off)

You can turn the RovyVon keychain lights on and off with a short press.

You don't have to lock them out.

The UI is so simple, it's ingenious, and other manufacturers should copy it.

not all models of Rovyvon have the same UI…

which model Rovy do you like?
does the switch false activate if you dont lockout?

also, some Rovy are bigger than others…
maybe someone can post a side by side lineup

here are two of the lights in the OP:
astrolux K2 and Jetbeam:
pic is a link to the image source from freeme:

here is another lineup I found:
(also links to source)

I have the A3.

I think all of the keychain ones have very similar UI.

I always lockout, so I don't know if it'll accidentally turn on if I don't.

glad you enjoy it

fwiw, this says to turn off requires hold or click to turn off, depending how long the light has been on

Turn Off:
1) Long-press 0.3s;
2) Working at any mode over 3 minutes, click to turn off

inconsistent UI for OFF is a non starter for me

Im thoroughly confused by the Rovy models and UIs


I was wrong.

I just checked my light.

You have to lock it out to turn it off.

Short presses, when on, just change the mode.


dont get the astrolux… my broke in half… lol… awful quality on that plastic…

I didn't know that.

I think I'll try to stick to metal flashlights.