Help me choose U11 or MH20

I’m on the fence between manker U11 and nitecore MH20. The manker is much cheaper but on the other hand I’ve been reading about problems with different lights. MH20 is NW while the manker is CW (at least the one with coupon) How do the internal chargers compare and is the nitecore worth the extra 20?

Really like the looks of the Manker.

The CW Nitenumen is a clone of the MH20 and leaves you with so much money a 4,35V cell to counter the possible overcharging can be bought and still cost you less.

The Nitenumen is a dud light even though i changed the LED i still don’t like it. I should have spent more and bought the Nitecore. I don’t really trust Manker to make a great light way to many quality control issues! If you can afford the Nitecore buy the Nitecore generally you get what you pay for…

I EDC my U11. It carries deep on the supplied clip in my right hand side pocket. I honestly don’t notice it when I’m in jeans but sometimes I notice it when wearing khakis at the office. No problems with it so far. I’ve whined like a baby on here a few times about the squirrelly UI. As have others but still EDC it since its so versatile. The 2 lower modes are too far spaced IMO (moonlight is a little too low and low is a little too bright) but again it gets the job done and I can recommend it.
I’ve never tested, held or used a Nitecore of any kind so I’m neutral on them though they are generally held in high regard.

If you can afford it , just go for Nitecore. I have two Manker U11 units and both have minor issues.

I have mh20 and i love it .
I really like the 2-stage switch and the beam is great.

MH20 NW without doubts.

All right thanks for the replies, I prob. wil go for the nitecore since it’s such a good deal. Never owned such an expensive light so I really hope I won’t be disappointed… But first I’ll buy the Skillhunt H03 then the nitecore next week.

I had both lights.
The MH20 is shorter and has a holster.
The U11 has personalized levels and perfect regulation for all levels.
The main difference is the UI, and the 20$.

And the LED tint



Nitecore MH20 neutral

Manker U11 neutral

Oh yeah, I’m always mistaken it’s the T01 that only comes in CW. Damn you all now I’m on the fence again. What do you all think is the toughest light of the 2 and the most reliable?

You’ll be allright with both lights IMHO.
If I remember correctly, you can sort them from flooder to throwy: U11, MH20, MH20GT.