Help Me Fight the Hate

Hey everyone. I know we have some refugees here from Blade Forums. I also know we have some Ganzo fans here. Well, Ganzo does have a history of copying designs and design elements. That’s not a good thing but there is a difference between pointing that out and going on a rampage to punish Ganzo or steer sales away from them. I keep running into that on Blade Forums, where some people continually conflate said business ethics with the actual quality of their products. They ignore facts or logic in a veritable crusade against Ganzo. They attack anyone who questions their crusade. It just reflects badly on the whole EDC community.

So I’ve come up with a novel solution. Instead of trying to debate, discuss, or explain; I’m just going to buy a Ganzo. Whenever I see those torches and pitchforks coming out, I’ll turn it into profit for their intended target. The problem is, I’m just one guy. My budget is limited and I’m already out over fifty bucks. Given what I’ve come to know from participating in this forum, I’m asking if anyone would care to join me. Call it an excuse to buy a new Ganzo if you’d like. Either way, I’ll be reporting here when there is a need.


People are allowed to buy or not buy, like or dislike any product, and while I’m not an active member on bladeforums I think that your approach to this gets a bit too political by thinking there is a crusade against a Chinese knive brand.

There are legitimate reasons for people to ditch ganzo as a brand because of all the homage stuff they have done, but at the same time many of the ganzo stuff are very well made with better steels than several other more expensive brands (their D2 tested for very high HRC). Lots of people in this forum rants on immalent and astrolux products for legitimate reasons and steer their sales away, I hope others they don’t see us as crusaders who ignore facts or logic.

There are lots of love for ganzos in r/budgetblades and r/Chineseknives, I believe those are healthier places than bladeforums for budget knives. Just like how we don’t discuss much about high end or expensive flashlights in here.

Ganzo knives still have a huge market with few competitors, as many of the “budget” brands from China turns to mid-premium (civivi, bestech, artisan, kizer, etc)

Do what you want to do Chronovore. I’ll pass on that crusade. I am curious how many Ganzo knives you’ll eventually end up with. Should be interesting and humorous if you are seriously going to buy one everytime someone says something nasty about the company. You might have to rent a large warehouse for all of the knives you buy.

Have fun!

I have a couple of Ganzo’s from a few years back but since Civivi came out, the bar for budget knives has been raised significantly.

I bought a bunch of Ganzo knives. I think they are great. I was going to buy Spyderco knives but I have a fear of spiders , their images and overprices .

Geeeez……… and I thought all these $50 lights Ive been buying were expensive……… then again, I grew up using $3 ray-o-vacs :wink: but the upgrade was definitely worth it. :beer:

I’ve got Ganzo (several). San Ren Mu. x 3 Harnds x 2.
Plus several other Good (exxy) and coupla three fixed.

Mostly cheap and (nasty???) Chinese.

ALL well made. Reasonable build and steel. 440c. D2, and 8x14.
ALL do a good job every time with minimal cost.
Leaving more money for fishing gear and lights.

What can go wrong. Even with the bad exchange rate for AUD to USD.

We all on a good wicket here regarding Quality and price.
For what you get REGULARLY…

Copies. So what. They work and look good.
Leave the exxy ones to the collectors if that way inclined hey.

I won’t join your crusade there Spartacus but, I will say, when it comes to trying to convince someone of something they have no interest in believing, you are usually left at the wet end of a very long rope. If you get what I’m saying. :smiley:

All I buy anymore, knife-wise, are assisted-openers.

If Ganzo decides to make a decent one of those, I'll probably buy one.

Friends, let me clarify. I’m not talking about people who dislike Ganzo. I’m not talking about people who want to politely share why. I’m talking about the people who are zealous and get nasty about it. I’m talking about the people who can’t let anyone mention Ganzo in a thread, much less post a thread asking about Ganzo or one of their knives, without firebombing it with hate. I’m talking about people who don’t care about logic or fact, just trolling any mention of Ganzo and anyone who questions what they are doing. Those are the “crusaders” in question.

Their actions are intended to suppress discussion among the community and punish Ganzo. I think it reflects poorly upon the EDC community. Obviously, debate and discussion are useless. So I seek to disincentivize it. I’m not even looking for people to stand firmly with me. I’m just looking for a little help. So if you might have been on the fence about trying a particular model, keep an eye on this thread. I’ll give you a noble reason to click that Ganzo into your cart.

Mate. ALL people are different. ALL values are too.
As are DEPTH of wallet.

When I was working I was earning $2.5k and over, a week. for a lot of yrs.
plus tonnage bonuses.
And I spent 105% of it. The 11 yrs I was single between wives.
Bitches always reign you in. I wanted something. Regardless. I bought it.

We alL have different ideas of what we like. Prefer. Appreciate. Want.

You’ll get your knickers in a twist if you keep this up.

Just appreciate your preferences.
and let the rest appreciate theirs.
Then we can all smile hey.

Bamm, on the money. This is why we all love Aussies. Nothing to add to my earlier post.

Ganzos are good. I have a couple of them. But I can’t afford to go gonzo over Ganzos. :wink:

If you dont like how things are on one forum then become a member on a different forum where your allowed to talk Ganzo knives.
That’s how alot of us ended up here on this forum of budget flashlights. Now this forum is growing bigger than the other opinionated heavily policed forum.
If there’s not one to join, make one, spending your time doing something good for the community.
Just my two cents :wink: .

I have something that will drive them all insane .. When they go one their tirades and start one of those endless Ganzo hating rants You can send me yet another new Ganzo knife .

I'm willing to do my part .Use me !

I’ll take some, too!

Yeah, I noticed. I really like this forum. People tend to be cool here. Even when there is an issue with something, like if a company got caught with a fake steel stamp, it can be discussed politely without all the torches and pitchforks.

Unfortunately, I got some life-changing news yesterday and I’ve got to take a break. If anyone else feels like using this thread for the stated purpose, please do. I’m definitely not done with this issue. I’ll be thinking about some ways to do this without going broke.

Ganzo was low quality copies not long ago. Now they have D2 steel with excellent Rockwell score and balls bearing. The fit and finish is still low and there is also plenty of impressive quality brands for just a little more with titanium and better steel.

I have bought many Ganzos in the past. Not as many as some people, but let’s say a dozen.
I like each and every one of them.
But I paid 8-10dollars, MAXIMUM 15 dollars for one knife.
If you can find the same knives today for similar price, I’ll buy 10 more. Sr’sly.
But now they cost an arm and leg.
For…the same quality (and same goes for SRM).
So there is no abso-!@#$-lute way I’m gonna pay the price they charge now.
Sorry ’bout your crusade.

I wasn't aware that Ganzo & SRM knives had gone up in price so much.

(They used to be a great deal for the money.)

If inexpensive Kershaw assisted-openers jump up in price a bunch, I'm in real trouble!