Help me find a budget twisty 18650 or 2AA with CLIP

Looking for a budget (< $30) twisty 18650 although considering 2AA too, but really want a clip. Ok if I buy clip separate provided we know it fits.

Edit: also really like tail stand and moonlight modes but know this is asking a lot

A twisty like the EDC 18650 would be great since I like that form factor. Goal is to keep clipped to a pocket inside my messenger briefcase.

Know of something that fits this? H)

Somebody mentioned in this thread that the Palight is a (defacto) twisty (because the tapping function doesn’t work).
Because all of the known 18650 EDC lights got nearly the same diameter you may try the Solarforce Clip.

I found the EagleTac D25LC2 Mini which has twisty, form factor and clip but at $50 is not ‘budget’ (although it remains an option since getting exactly what I want may require more :money_mouth_face:. Link here

Thanks for tip on the clip!

whats wrongwith trustfire mini stainlesssteel ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I found this EagleTac D25LC2 on sale, not a bad price. I think I am going to get the clicky xp-g2 version when I have a few more bucks.

s-mini clip works the UF2100 and similar sized lights. Not my ideal, but it works. Might want HA3, though.

D25C2 Mini XP-G2

Left to right
———— D25C2 Mini ———— D25C2 Clickie ———— D25LC2 Clickie

The D25C2 Mini does not take 18650, but I run it on one 16650 which is a perfect fit. It is the perfect size for EDC pocket carry, with a deep carry clip that is second to none.

I do like the clip on the mini, why cant they make low riding clips for most “EDC” type lights a standard? I would pay quite a bit more just for the low riding clip.

Very pocketable 2 x AA light

This comes in XP-G and XP-G2… And a wonderful clip.

That is a good price but isn’t for the latest XP-G2 they have (as you pointed out). I ordered mine late yesterday from lighthound.

If the Eagletac da25a2 mini had a clicky, I would own the he’ll out of it. If I could stomach a twisty, this would be my first choice. The fact that you actually prefer a twisty means this might be a perfect light for you.

As far as I know, it’s the smallest and slimmest 2 AA light on earth.