Help me find an AA Light/Lantern for Bathroom use

I thought I recognised this light:

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What about the Energizer folding lantern

What about a regular tailstanding AA light? Or even a non-tailstanding model in a glass? You would have a much wider range to choose from.

I find any kind of lantern usually ends up in your eyes whereas light reflected from the ceiling is much softer and more even.

I would recommend a LED light with a IR motion sensor. That way it only comes on when someone is within detection range.
search amazon for “motion led night light” for a start.

I’d probably go with this. Its a ceiling light, 4C batteries for great longevity. Warm White cree.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

This looks OK, but is AAA

@Stereodude - I don’t think there will be a 240v socket in the bathroom for a plug in night light

@Haterade - that’s the sort of thing I was looking at, but they all seem to have a flashing mode, and the low might be too bright.

@Chloe - the timer looks too complicated. I mean, that the best solution would be to split the fan from the extractor, but that’s probably a job for an electrician. As it is, there is a switch outside the bathroom that they turn off at night, killing the power to the fan/light.

@wolf359 - I have some of the cheap stick on things on my boat, but they aren’t great.

@Carpentryhero - I don’t like the look of that (5 years old - wonder what the LED’s are)?

@gadabout - hmmm, think I might have to go this route.

Those things are great - I grabbed three or four of them in Winners a while back for $7 apiece. Run forever on 4xAAs. Not the latest & greatest LEDs, but plenty of light to get around with indoors or in a tent.

Hi, how about giving these a try,\_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649
I have several, they take 3 AAA Cells, small but very bright, you can adjust the light output by turning the Dial till it reaches the desired brightness, more than enough brightness to light up a Bathroom. I left one of mine running on cheap AAA’s for 4 Day’s & Nights to see how long it would last, it was still quite bright even after 4 Days on high. Last but not least the price is right.
Hope this is helpful
Cheers Chris.

Ah, now that looks like a good idea. Amazon UK have a few (hundred) similar things here - I’ll have a trawl through.

how is the flash mode accessed woody? hopefully like my rayovac where you have to hold the button for a second or two.

hate flashies. especially on lanterns.

edit: OK according to this thread, which was mentioned in a very good amazon customer review, you hold for three secs for the flashing mode. Thats fine by me.

There are four or five generations of the energizer lantern. Led’s don’t need to be current to do the job. A Nitecore EA4 uses four AA batteries and tail stands but you won’t get 130 hours of light :wink:

The motion sensor may be the way to go so that no one is fumbling for an on switch at night. It all depends on budget, I figured under $10 would be wiser. There are some touch lights that only give 30 lumens or so. And depending on the size you buy run on aaa or AA batteries

Where does anyone plug in their electric razor, hair dryer, curling iron, etc? In the US there’s always an outlet in the bathroom. Its required by the building code.

Woody is in London, building code is different there. There’s also the Water closet style of room where the toilet is in a small room separate from the Sink and Vanity that’d have the outlet.

My washroom is like that for our ensuite washroom

Behind the grate of the extractor fan is there an electric outlet, like we usually have in the states, where we can replace the fan by unplugging it and removing a couple of screws or bolts?

It’s not my bathroom lol, and I don’t know about a razor socket. As Carpentryhero says, in the UK building regs ensure that there must NOT be standard electrical sockets. 240v AC, dampness and hairdriers do not mix. Some (isolated) protected razor/toothbrush sockets are allowed, but these are not the standard 3 pinned electrical sockets.

Yes it is similar here with the protected sockets.

In general, the US requires outlets in bathroom (also unfinished basements, garage outlets, kitchen counter outlets, outdoor, etc) to be GFCI outlets. They accept the same plugs as any other normal outlet in the house. Electrical outlets in bedrooms are standard outlets, but have to be protected by Arc Fault circuit breakers instead of a normal circuit breaker.

Their exhaust fans are hard wired? In the US we could plug in a simple timer inside the exhaust fan box that would keep the fan off at night.

I solved the bathroom problem for all mankind: Nichia 219 Motion Sensitive Piss Light

Neat, very neat.

I guess I should really have a look at the fan before finally deciding what to do.