Help me find the right light

Hi all I been looking on buying a new light but cant seem to find the right one, so need your help please.

Needs to be pocket size, not EDC something that will fit in a jacket/coat pocket so nothing tiny.
To run on 1 x 18650 cell
500 lumems minimum
must be a good thrower
and have a forward switch.
prefer 3 modes high/Med/low.(not that important) not bothered on strobe or SOS modes.
also prefer it to have memory.
And tail stand.

Not looking for anything too expensive say around $50 mark, hope I not asking too much.
I would like a 1D maglite but they seem to go for alot more and not sure they can be done to run a 18650 cell.

I do like the nitecore EC25 but again a little bit more than I want to spend right now.

Any recommendations with names, links etc would be most appreciated.

Happy New year all.

This UltraFire Drop-In @ $15.98

...although not going to be a superb thrower, is still extremely bright, and when paired with a good host would make a nice light.

Maybe a Solarforce host? Many of these are tailstanding with forward clicky...

I like the Ultrafire 504b from Manafont, but the switches are weak on those and can cause problems when used with the high-power drop-ins.

Again the P60 won't be a true dedicated thrower, but will still be very bright...

The Keygos M10-style flashlight...

... is a very nice light, accepts 18650s (when used with an adaptor tube) and has C8-type throw potential due to the larger reflector. It tailstands very well and fits the hand well due to the larger tube sized for the 26650 cell. You would need to install your own forward-clicky switch and replace the driver if you absolutely want to eliminate the flashy modes...

What about this ?

Thanks both after making this post I had a look in the for sales section and someone was selling a Crelant 7G3CS (CREE XM-L U3) not perfect but it will do for me as looks like a nice light.
Still would like a 1D maglite so will start saving for one I think.

The new version Balder Se-2 is a great light. Really high quality. Very pocket friendly.

It has a different UI to the old version, strobe is there but can be hidden in the second series of modes. It has memory or with a quick press reverts to high. Foward clicky.

The only thing it it won’t tailstand without some kind of receptacle.

The review is the older version, which is basically the same light with the old UI

Balder SE-2 Old version

Also, the Manafont UF-980L is a very good light. More of a thrower. Very pocketable. You can probably mod the tailswitch to a forward clicky.