Help me ID a battery, please

I received a power pack from Amazon a few months ago and it arrived damaged, they told me to dispose of it and they sent me another one.

Of course, being a lithium pack I didn't just throw it in the bin and ended up forgetting taking it to a recycling centre with a battery drop in (luckily ;)).

I just came across it and being bored decided to see what the cells were, and was quite happy to find them to be 18650.

My question is, has anyone seen these and know what they are? The actual power pack is excellent quality so I'm presuming the cells should be as well.

What was the power pack for? Laptop? That SZN makes me think Shenzhen. I don’t recognize those codes, so they aren’t Samsung or Panasonic, unless they were marked differently for sale to the company that builds the pack.

This laptop pack has the same ASO thing and the cells didnt test so great

Well, they are not any of the top brands (Samsung,Pana/Sanyo,LG,Sony) so I’m afraid that rules out excellent quality. Looks like a random chinese cell. I’ve seen reports that other aso cells are 2,000mah.

Link to the battery pack it’s from?

If I get cells like this I used to test them to see how many mah they hold. but now I don’t even bother I just weigh them and compare them to a branded cell, normally they weigh a lot less than a genuine branded cell.
So I just recycle them or use them in low power lights

They were from an EC Technology pack.

The pack is advertised as 22400mAh but from use (with the functioning pack) its around 18000mAh (I get around 2 and a half recharges of an iPad Air 2).

None seem bad, the pack has been sitting since October and all the cells measure 3.87v.

I know you didn’t ask but I’d recommend Anker or Ravpower battery packs. Both of them use quality cells and list the names (LG or pana). They also both use modern auto-coding chips on their usb ports. No separate ports labeled stuff like 2.4A apple, 2A samsung, 1A apple. Each port just automatically adapts for max charging speed regardless of what you plug in.

I found some in a laptop battery. They are an inexpensive Chinese made cell. They are not as bad as a xxxxfire but not as good as a Panasonic or Samsung.

I leave them in my desk at work as spares for my edc lights.

Nothing special, but not anything for the recycling bin either.

Let’s put it this way. In runtime tests I get like 20 min out of xxxxfire. 40 out of aso, 70+ out of good brands

Thanks bc412, logically I should have tried them first, as they are virtually brand I suppose I should have done that before worrying about anything else ;).