Help me ID this Zebralight, Please.

I have had this light for a long time. IIRC since maybe 2010 to 2015. It is a Zebralight (though it has no makings on the outside. The driver board is clearly marked “Zebralight”. The head band is also a Zebra band).
It uses a single CR123A cell (wondering if it can handle an RCR).
Notice the battery tube has no knurling and the head does not have a stainless bezel. The H31 series does have the SS bezel. The switch does have an SS retaining ring. I can take some pics of it if needed.

This is a straight 3 level UI. Not the later one where the levels could be adjusted. It also has no strobe or SOS.
Here are a couple of pics:

I found this in the bottom of a briefcase I used for work. Haven’t seen it in years. Still works fine and CR123A reads 3.2 volts (I always mechanically locked it out).

Any help is appreciated.


Pretty cool! :+1:

Looks like the H30-Q5.

Have you looked at this from the ZebraLight website: ZebraLight Product Comparison

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Yes! That is the one. Thanks very much. I found some reviews on it. Now I will be on a search of all of the accessories it came with. The clip would be awesome. But I am afraid they are long gone… or buried in 15 years of flashlight stuff… somewhere. :smiling_imp:

BTW, nice spreadsheet. I will bookmark that one.

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Want!!! Nice classic!