Help me make a decision

Hello every one,

I have hard time deciding which flashlight will be the right for me. And I need only one flashlight to do every job for me.

I am a big fan of Olight flashlights and I was looking at Olight S10Rll and S30Rll.
If some one of you has them both please share your opinion and help me decide.

I don’t have those lights, but the fenix pd series are good. I’ve had a pd30 for about 6 yrs no problem and a convoy s2 that I put together for about 2 yrs without problems…. pocketable and plenty of light and runtime

Have a look at this S2+ review - it is one tough light! David S. in that video runs it over with his car and it is still fine.

If I had just one unmodded light, it would be a genuine Convoy C8. Many choices of tints, SMO or OP reflector for more or less throw, good spill with good throw in any of them. It’s not the newest or sexiest light but it’s still one of the best all-around lights you can get as is proven by it’s continuing popularity among Flashaholics and noobs alike.

Welcome to BLF where one light is never enough :slight_smile:

Hello! I just posted this on another thread:)

I know you have already made your decision, but since you mentioned the Olight s30r I thought I would give my thoughts. I just received two s30s that I ordered on a thanksgiving sale. I did a bypass of the current sense resistor on one and gave it to my farther inlaw for Christmas. The mod only added a couple hundred ma’s of current, but the light is a true 1000 lumen light.I was surprised to find that this light had some throw to it as well. It has a much hotter and defined hotspot than my convoy s2 and s3.

Now, for the other one… I have fully modified the light. It now has a BLF DD FET driver with electronic switch fully potted and loaded with moppydrv firmware. There is a copper slug packed into the void behind the led to help pull some heat and a thermal pad under the reflector with the reflector tightly wrapped in aluminum foil and dropped into place. The tail cap and driver springs are bypassed as well.

I used a 20mm driver which is slightly bigger that the origional one. It worked out nicely though as there is another shelf before the origional one that holds the driver perfectly. This gave me more room to mount a switch and pot the driver. I did have to file the battery tube down by 1.5mm or so.

It is VERY bright and it does not visually drop lumens as I had expected. It does get hot though. With the brightness, user interface, small size and magnetic tail cap, I think this light is going to stay in my pocket for a long time.

You probably don’t want to go through all this work, but even stock the light is very nice. The s30r has an upgraded emitter and also has the charging dock which is pretty cool. Anyway…

Yes, S2+ is my suggestion for you, it is really nice to try

S30Rll is my choice. Get a single 18650 for balance of power and extended runtime first. Get a smaller light like S10RII as secondary light if you have needs or extra cash to spend later.