Help me mod my Acebeam K30

I have a Acebeam K30 that I never use. I bought it before I understood how terrible the 6000k XHP70 led is. I hate the green to yellow and purple tint shift.
I was hoping to do an led swop but have no idea what would work and give a nice result.
What Led should I use that would give a nice usable warm white light?

I recommend to put MT-G2 on Noctigon. That’s what I did with mine Thrunite TC-20 with ugly xhp70v2.
You can get it from HERE it is plug and play replacement.
Now I have vanilla white pleasant light.

Thanks Mike I had a look but am worried about the voltage. I was under the impression that the Acebeam had a 12 v led?

Ok, let me verify that… TC-20 had 6V led.
Can you measure voltage on the led wires in your light?

Pretty sure it’s 6V. K30 has also 3 cells in series for sufficient voltage to drive the led. I cannot imagine using a 12V led configuration powered by a boost driver in this light.