Help Me Pick Dedicated Thrower!

I need some opinions and advice from you gurus.

I need a dedicated thrower (aspheric, I'm assuming) that is single 18650, may be as large as a C8 head, but preferably smaller. No spill is wanted or needed. I have other lights that serve as spotting tools.

My present aspherics are woefully underpowered past 25 yards. Have had them for years.

It doesn't have to be a pencil beam, but I need a very bright hotspot, usable to 100 yards.

My quarry is small, and I use precharged pneumatics, so recoil is not an issue, for the light, which will be gun mounted.

Oh! It has to be a budget light!

I've searched 'til I'm blue, and can't seem to find an extremely powerful, small form spotlight.

I guess that makes me a dunce, no?

Thanks in advance!

You’re not a dunce :slight_smile: there just aren’t many pre-made aspheric throwers. There is Uniquefire HS-802 at $25 for throw in the budget range (using a reflector) and there are P60 type lights where you just replace the reflector with a 28 mm aspheric.

You may also have a look here:

It's lighter than the HS-802 (181 vs 263g with battery) with a larger hotspot but without any corona to speak of. What hasn't been mentioned yet in the above thread is the cheap lens. I replaced it with a standard one, but I may eventually go for one of these

as I did for the TrustFire F15.

To be considered too is the fact that some HS-802 samples (mine is one of them) come glued beyond hope. Good thing that I haven't had any desire for modding it.

I've got a C8 sized q5 thrower, but the spill is too much for me, even though it is not a lot.

Thanks for the replies!

Off to the races!

Good reference!