Help me pick next flashlight purchase!

So I’m tossing up between a Small Sun ZY-T08 or a grey Courui D01. I’ll buy both eventually, and I know neither is a whole ton of cash, individually… BUT, I’m looking at buying just one at a time for right now. Something to tie me over until the GB on the BLF-348 2nd batch starts shipping.

Both would get standard mods out of the gate: bypassed springs, upgraded wiring, AR coated lenses where available, improved heatsinking, etc. I’d probably attempt my first de-dome of the LED in one or both as well.

I’ve got lots of floody lights, lots of dual purpose lights, one or two throwers… so I “need” more. Plus I really want to try something that is not a Convoy S2+ or C8. Love my Convoy lights, but they’re not the only brand we’re allowed to own. I pretty much only own Convoys and a multitude of antique and classic lights (ranging from 1914-1989).

So I’m branching out. Which of those two lights (or comparable alternatives) does everyone think would be a nice, next light to buy, mod, use and enjoy?

Depending on what version of the Convoy C8 you own, you might not see any appreciable difference in throw between the stock ZY-T08 or stock D01.

The ZY-T01 is touted as having a 1000 meter throw, but the reviews that I read indicate that it puts out a max intensity of 45kcd, which is good for a rating of a little over 400 meters.

My recommendation to you would be to wait, save your money, and buy something that is substantially better. 0:)

Sounds good. I appreciate the honest reply.

What light or lights would you put into that “substantially better” category? Keeping in mind of course the budget/value aspect of the hobby.

Why wait? You are quoting stock values. Whatever is purchased will be modified.

Oh and to the OP, the grey Courui kinda isn’t as grey as you think. Unless of course you’ve already seen one. Its more of a faded / washed out black. The actual black one looks better. Buts that my opinion.

For about $10 more you can get a new Convoy L2, which is definitely worth considering. I originally wanted a ZY-T08 as well, but now I think I’ll be getting the L2 (and not just because it’s Convoy :wink: )

Hmm faded grey eh? Meh. I’d just get the basic black one then, when it comes down to it.

The convoy L2 is appealing. Man… That’s the problem with what we do; that isn’t so much alternative as much as one more light to add to the list to get!

And yes, these lights would be modded for sure as standard procedure. I’d even consider mt-g2 emitter swap in one or both. Or some other emitter if it seems the right fit. That’s the joy of it, experiment and test and see what we like.

… Still undecided. But I appreciate the suggestions so far!

Yeah more of a faded black. I wouldnt even call it grey. I don’t usually try to sway a decision for purchases, rather give my personal opinions. But in this case, yeah the grey will disappoint. The Courui blazes after mods. You may have seen me knob-on and on about mine - but its a true stunner modded right.