Help! my longfire rf-x6 is acting weird

i bought a longfire rf-x6 from wallbuys during the new years sale.

it has been working as it should. but yesterday when i made some tailcap measures it started acting weird.
it is flickering a bit in high/med/low modes and they’re not as much apart as they were earlier. When in strobe/SOS mode it changes between high and low, so it does not turn off the led completely when blinking.

i’ve tried to disassemble it, but i really can’t do anything about the head. i’ve tried a vise and a wrench, but i couldn’t get the head apart :~

any ideas what could have gone wrong, and how to troubleshoot and fix the light?

might post pics later.

here’s some pics:

i really think the head should be able to come apart, i’ve been able to twist the two parts a bit, but then it seem to have stuck:

this flange is able to rotate:

i don’t know if it’s a brass ring, but it seems to be stuck between the threads and the driver

reflector and star-isolator removed, tried 2 nails + pliers but couldn’t move the pill.

I’d really like some help…

i’ve tried the vise and the wrench again, but it’s still stuck, and it has some more dents in the fins of the head. and i can’t unscrew the pill since i don’t have any pliers that reach down that far and can fit the holes in the pill, and my previous approach with two nails + pliers didn’t work.

i talked to cherry and she said she would talk to their supplier. i guess the driver’s bad since it is flashing high/low instead of on/off in strobe and sos-mode. but i can’t access the driver, so i don’t know. i really hope it’ll work out nice in the end!

did anyone else buy this light from wallbuys? and can you take the head apart?

any other things i could try!?