Help need for new flashlight.


I want ask for help buying new flashlight under 80 dollars from dx or ebay. Now i have this light. I need brighter. would be good with mix throw to flood or only thrower.

what to choose ? or can anybody show something better?

I don't understand very much about flashlights, i need best output per price ratio.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.


I would search around the forum for some reviews if i were you.

I don't personally know any of the suggested flashlights but there is a thread going on about the tr-j12 and one of us has recieved it and is goind to be doing a review about it soon.

That fandyfire l1 looks sick too! I do wonder if it's 3amps/cell however and i don't like the design very much.. But it could be well heatsinked by the looks of it!

First light looks like a beginners light to me. Cheap, simple affordable

Welcome to BLF, Aistis.

Thank you. I alredy have Trustfire Th-t60 its single xml-t6 marked 975 lummen power (1,5 - 1,3 Amps). It's very good light, very good beam, but i need more power. The light will be used at camping, cycling, traveling and so on. size, design doesn't matter. need 3 or 2 18650 batterys power. price under 80 - 90 dollars.

How about DRY 3T6. There’s a groupbuy going on now on BLF.price from $65-$75 with shipping.

Dry mean sky ray ? what it's called dry ? I'm from Lithuania (Baltic states, east Europe)

welcome to blf aistis. Try the DRY

one more question: is it possible to and convex lens to 3 or 5 led flashlight? something like this or individual lens for each led