Help needed finding small P60

I’ve been searching the forum and online and I can’t find a P60 that matches what I need. Years ago I gave my Uncle a Boker Plus (similar to a Surefire 6P). He loves it but after seeing my upgrades on other lights he wants his upgraded.

The problem I have is, the portion of the P60 below the reflector must be less than 21mm in diameter and less than 17mm in height. If anyone knows of one that would fit I’d appreciate it… Thanks

Could you just put a Q-lite driver and upgraded emitter in that module?

Are you saying that’s the size of the pill that screws to the reflector?

As usual pics would help but a normal brass p60 pill would fit that space with a bit of filing.

Thanks for the replies. After looking at all of the P60’s pictures I think I will have to dremel out the body or sand down the P60 or both. I’ll give it a shot.

It’s the standard procedure to ream out a Minimag for making lots of different mods so there’s plenty of experience here with similar stuff. Gloves and a mask are a good idea to protect against heat and dust. I’d wrap the head in masking tape to protect it when it flips out of your hand. I actually prefer to press the head into a wood block and clamp that secure to the drill press. For a flat bottom hole I use a hole saw then reduce bit size, wrap the bit with tape and a few inches of WD180-200 to clean it up. If you work on the pill then definitely wrap the threads to protect them.

Thank you for the advice it worked! I do have to smooth out the inside of the head a bit, but the new P60 fits fine. :beer:

Now we just need some pics please. :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a try.

The original light with incan P60

The head after boring. Yes it’s rough, didn’t realize my drill press was so bad.

Finished with the new P60, went from 80 lumens to “1200” lumens

great job!