Help needed from EL01 owners.

I got a EL01 and had it taken apart and shipped in 2 separate packages and I think something may have been lost.

The problem is it only has 1 nylon washer and I think its also meant to have a copper or brass washer as well.

Can anyone tell me what material it is and the dimensions?

I doubt there will be anything locally but I might be able to find something online.


The other washer is phosphor-bronze Knife Kits stocks popular sizes, measure the nylon one you’ve got for the size of the pivot, for the price you could get a few different thicknesses.

Thanks, any suggestion for the thickness? The nylon one is less than 1mm thick, I don’t have any way to measure anything that small.

edit : Made a temporary washer from a plastic soft drink lid, seems to be working smoother.

Here it says they are 0,4mm thick:

Thanks guys. :beer: