Help Picking a Flashlight

I live in Wyoming, lots of open space and darkness. Looking for a light when out on the High Plains.
There are lots of remote places where you can see for miles with no-one around.

So far I’m thinking Sofirn Q8 or BLF Q8
HaikeLite MT07S

Something in this price range

Pic of the area, the light in the distance is a train headlight.

Any others I should consider?


My lights usually hit the tree line in my yard or hiking areas so I appreciate a floodier light with a big hot spot.

You don’t have that problem and a thrower will serve you nicely.

I love how my Q8 throws a decent distance AND lights up a big area. I haven’t tried it in a wide open area but dang it’s a great light, a great value and will run for a long time.

It is a large chunk of aluminum and with four cells, it’s not light. Just so you understand.

If you want to be able to reach everything in that photo, you’re in BLF GT territory. The MT07S has more throw than the Q8 and can produce full output on low batteries, but the beam is kind of ugly, like most lights with the XHP70.2. The Q8 has a nicer UI and nice tint, but output drops as the batteries drain.


I don’t think there is a flashlight to light up the vast area.

Nice pic. What camera and settings?

The photo with the train light was Moto cellphone pic

You may look at the Thrunite Catapult V6. If the 20% off sale is still going on you can get it for $60 delivered. $75 if it is not on sale. Wowtac A4 is a good one for $40, virtually the same light with a different battery configuration. Just doesn’t come with batteries. You will need protected batteries for the Wowtac also.

Given the vast open space, I think an MT09R, BLF GT90 or MF04S will do. Otherwise if you can bump up your budget then the MS12 or R90C.

I was just trying to stay in his price range but the lights you speak of would be better for sure.

Didn’t know Moto cellphone pic is that impressive!

Yep, this is BLF GT grounds, if not Lance of Ra. A Convoy C8 would be practically a flooder there.

Plant life’s lookin’ a bit dead, though, innit?

Thanks so far everyone. Here are some pics from last week. It got dark and I left. Heard some critters around in the dark — there are moose in that area.

Motorola Cellphone Moto Z

Lumintop ODL20C, Thrunite V6 or wowtac A4. With open field like that I would prefer thrower.

Or get a coupla those Cometa zoomies for 15bux a pop.

Looks more than a GT can handle. Think he is in a GTvn90 territory.

With all the space you got, i will go with the blf gt 70 if the size doesnt concern you. Ms12 or r90c might even qualify…

…or an Enderlight.

I’m curious to hear more about how you plan to use the light you pick up. The BLF Q8 is outstanding imo, but sort of at the limit size and weight-wise of what I’d actually want to haul around or hold in hand for a long time. Something like the BLF GT would be really cool to shine around in a place like that, but probably not real practical to hike around with.

Depending on the specifics, an H03 and a C8 may be more practical than a monster thrower, if not quite as much fun. :innocent:

Get the MT07S-HI NW.