HELP !!! please Need Switch for L2i solarforce

Will this switch work for SF L2i body and if not can you point me in the right direction

I looked on solarforce web site but I dont know what will fitYell

The cap wont fit , but the witch inside should .

Just checked and the switch inside the cap is interchangeable .

can you show me what will work or are there none for L2i body

IIRC , the rc-g2 switch from SB has been used ...

were can I find it ...SB ?

How about this

( Hoping whoever did this mod will chime in ...)

how come they have complete switches for the other SF bodies and not for L2i

what body can I use for the MPP1 instead of L2i body

I'm not responsible for the mod idea, but I've used that switch on my L2i and it works wonderfully...allows an 18650 to fit nicely.

sorry noob.. here so do I just screw it in or take it apart for the switch

to change my MPP1 L2i body to a different one show me or tell me thanks.....

See now one is just confused : $5.50

You need ! specifically , ???

1. The entire tailcap assembly [ see above link ]

2. The clicky inside the tailcap [ Any L2 switch - inside the tailcap - should interchange ]

If you need instructions , OK!

1. Fine needle nosed pliers are needed [ you may need to make them yourself ]

2. Note the aluminum retaining ring , it has two holes in it [ inside the tailcap ]

3. Fine needle nose pliers go in the two holes

4. Unscrew - swap out the switch assembly - screw back

5. The hardest part in this , is the needle nosed pliers .

I hope this information helped .

Why you wont write solarforce sales? You should get everything in spare parts you need... Ordered a reverse switch for my L2T Flashlight a few days ago for 2$

I have just done that thanks..

  <strong>yes it did thanks.... I like this place</strong></p>