Help prevent my execution!

...when my wife sees the TK-70! This is on CPF also.

Please read here first. Pics on thread below:

I'm pricing these to sell and recover funds so I'm setting one price firm and having it done... just wanna get them sold and they aren't being used anyway. All prices are shipped with Paypal fees figured in. Any lower and it's not worth the hassle. Paypal only but please don't use gift!! U.S. sale only, please. USPS Priority small flat rate box with D/C. First no-nonsense, committed "I'll Take It" followed by quick Paypal gets it. Same or next day shipping except for weekends. Have been on CPF and here since 2003 and all have been happy with the few things I've sold. Lowballing will be ignored.

1) Olight M21, OP, SST-50, has Sharpie dings where I dinged up ring on the head at tube/head taking it apart-experimented with an XML but put the SST back in. Works fine, Sharpie pen took care of the nicks but they are noticeable. Rest of light is fine, nice HA finish, no accessories or box. $55.

2) Eagletac T20C2 Mk. II XP-G. OP reflector, no nicks. Sat on the shelf the whole time. No accessories or box. $60.

3) Maglite XL50, 2 months old, black, never carried. Not bright enough for my needs. $25.

4) Mint Sunwayman M10R XP-G. Nice light but too small for my fat fingers! $60.

5) Jetbeam RRT-2 with no emitter. Originally an R2 and tried an XM-L. Not driven hard enough for me. Tailcap chewed where I tried to remove the ring. Works, add your own star. $50.

5) For incan fans: Assortment of Surefire bulbs, most are unused and in original packaging. I am selling as a complete lot only-no way I'm gonna hassle around with individual shipping-so if you're a Surfire guy, these are for you. It's all or nothing. The list:

MN20 Qty. 1
N1 Qty. 1
N1 Qty. 1 loose
MN20 Qty. 1 loose
MN15 Qty. 1 loose
MN16 Qty 1 loose
MN60 Qty 1 loose
MN11 Qty. 1 loose
MN15 Qty 1
MN60 Qty 1
MN10 Qty. 1
MN11 Qty. 1
P60 Qty 2
P60 Qty 2 loose, pulled from new lights.
P90 Qty 1 loose, pulled from new light.

17 bulbs total. $150 takes the whole lot. Some expensive ones in there! Loose indicates new bulb without plastic bag or paper. Take me a little longer to get these packed but will ship them ~1 day.

Thanks for your interest! I'm a night person so I'll be responding late afternoon-nights.

for questions and Paypal.


Not in the USA, so no bid from me. But here's a big bump for your thread, glad to see the this category being used.

Thanks-at least I got a reply here. Nothing at all on CPF. I think this one's gonna backfire, but selling is at the top of my dislike list.


Wow. That's a serious list of stuff to let go of.

Poor guy. That's gotta hurt. What's with all the incan bulbs?

It's all stuff I'm not using and want to sell to recover funds I spent on the TK-70. I've had the incan bulbs for years, brand new in packages as I was a Surefire nut once, had many of their lights, and bought spare bulbs to hoard. (I was still working then, disabled now) No more incans now.

Not getting any response though.


your wife is gonna get you good boy !

interesting lights , waiting on the pics. grats on the TK-70 too

good luck with the sales and survival

Sorry but from the perspective of budget flashlights. a host with no led costing $50 it too much. But I gotta say I love how 1, 2, 4, 5 flashlights look. Awesome.

Well, the plunger takes its toll.

Pics up in the original CPF thread-too lazy to do it over, no interest anyway.


I'll be praying for you brother.

Thanks!! Can use it, LOL!

would you go any lower on the Sunwayman M10R XP-G? id love that in my hand

I can't... I'm taking a bath now by the time Paypal fees and shipping figure in.


i figured but thought id ask... it looks like a damn nice light... if you still got it in a few weeks ill probably take it