Help recovering photos from iPhone 4s

My son passed away and we don’t know his password on his phone now it’s locked and tried hooking up to computer and tried to access photos but it wants to sync with iTunes and it says we will lose data and tried without iTunes and still no luck we’ve tried everything we know of my wife really wants those photos any help would be great full

Maybe this will help?

Locked without a password is usually not easy to get to the data inside

Sorry for your loss as well

Thank you very much I’m going to try right away

Have you talked to staff at an Apple store? I have no idea if they can help you or not, but if anyone can, they should be able to. You might need to prove your situation though. My deepest condolences for your loss. Its horrible and no words can convey enough what you must feel.

Thank you I have spoke to them no help

Don’t be deterred. Bring a death certificate and all your son’s ID, his credit cards even, to the apple store. There should be an offical procedure for this. Ask the manager.

Sorry for your loss, you can also
try this

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Very sorry to hear about your loss, a parent should never have to bury their children :_(

Keep trying, someone somewhere must be able to help.

Cheers David

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Didn’t you syne your iTunes? Recover from the backup.

It wasn’t synced with any of our computers and his was stolen

I’m sorry your son died.

There is a good chance you won’t be able to get at the photos. iOS 7, which was released a year ago, and was the current release last summer, has multiple layers of security, including data encryption the protect the data from anyone who doesn’t have the security credentials, including Apple. Even someone who could pull the flash chips out of the phone and read out the data wouldn’t be able to do anything with it.

You might be able to guess or brute-force the passcode, but, depending on the settings your son chose, the phone might be set to erase the data after 10 failed attempts.

There might be another route. If iCloud was enabled and the iCloud Photo Stream was turned on, the last 1,000 photos may be stored on Apple’s servers. If you have, or can get, access to the email account associated with your son’s iCloud account you might be able to reset the password. Once you’ve done that, I think you can use iTunes on Windows, or iPhoto on a Mac, to sync the last 1,000 photos and get access to them.

Also, if your son was a teen or a young man, there is a good chance that most/many of his photos are on Facebook, Instagram, or similar, which you may be able to get access to using the email password reset mentioned above.

Oh, one more thing that will probably help. Over the past few years, Facebook, Gmail, and many others have encouraged people to provide their mobile phone number for password reset and security verification purposes. Being able to receive texts to his number might help you get access to one or more of his accounts, which can help gain access to other accounts. To do so, without risking the data on his phone, take the SIM card out, and put it in another phone. The phone # follows the SIM, so you should be able to take control of the number. If his SIM is locked, you could try asking the carrier to issue a new SIM for his number (but first, before identifying yourself or your son, make sure that their policy isn’t to immediately terminate the account upon learning of the death of its owner). If the account has already been cancelled and the number recycled, you might try contacting the person at his old number and asking for their help.

Oh, another suggestion, ask in a computer security forum or mailing list.

Expect that most computer security people will not help you, of those that will, some, if not most, will want supporting documentation that you have a legitimate reason, and aren’t just trying to break into a stolen phone, or something. Anyone who doesn’t, isn’t ethical or careful enough to be someone you should be dealing with. Of those who do offer to help, and want verification from you, some of them may still be unscrupulous, and are helping you because a lot of the information they’d need to do a successful social-engineering attack on the security of your son’s phone and data to get the photos could also be useful in doing the same for your accounts. So, you will need to figure out how to independently verify that the person you are dealing with is who they say they are, that they have a good, broad and deep reputation.

Having said all that, I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you to consider the possibility that this isn’t something you should be doing. Phones are intimate, personal belongings. There may be photos your wife wished she hadn’t seen, things she wished she didn’t know.

That’s what apple tells you in their marketing. Security news tell that all of the apple’s encryption can be bypassed and the backups can be downloaded from the phone, if the “attacker” is able to control the LAN or the cell network that the phone is connected in to. They say it’s a feature for corporate backups, but it may also be to keep NSA happy and well informed.
The recent shellshock vulnerability could also be useful if you find a “hacker” to help you with the phone.
There has also been some simple tricks to get past the lock screen in some of the iPhones. Those should have been patched by now, but you could try searching the youtube for them.

Even if you cant find a way to get the photos now, you should still keep the phone. There’s a good change that you’ll some day meet a person who can do it, or that more of the NSA backdoors / security bugs get discovered.

Don’t use Apple products anymore, but CNet is a fairly-well trustworthy source. Can’t promise it isn’t crippleware, but sometimes if you can get the program running, you can get access “beside” it, if you try.

Otherwise, the only suggestion I have is, don’t turn it on until you’re ready to start recovery. An unplanned update might lock you out forever.

And dittos on the idea of trying to understand what password he might have used. That will help in more ways than just this.

Hope this helps…


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1st post (in a flashlight forum) is about recovering iphone pics. Link to junk software.

I dunno if u can jail break the fone with the screen lock on but u could try it. Then afterwards u can probably use a 3rd party program to access the files. Havent owned a iphone for a long while but u can search some alternatives. Theres bound to be a way.

OK ,thanks