help removing carclo optics from p60 dropin

Does anyone have a good method of removing triple/quad optics from p60 drop-ins, when the optics sits flush with the shell and is in there tight? A method without removing the driver and without damaging the optics.

I tried that, doesn’t work but it could be that I don’t have suction cups strong enough. I used a suction cup I have for hard contacts. Do you have a source for a suction cup that works?

Actually, I came up with this idea a moment ago. I have never tried to use it.
Whenever I had a problem with pulling out the optics, I used a small screwdriver or thin blade (when it was cramped) and undermined a bit at each leg.

Painter’s tape if it’s still being a PITA try Duct Tape….on a clean dry optic…

I tried this before and I couldn’t pull it off without damaging the optic. I mean it’s pretty tight between the optic and shell, you can’t really stick something in between it without damaging either the optic or shell.

I’ve tried this as well, not sticky enough… The only time I’ve been able to cleanly remove the optic is when the optic loosely fits in the shell (depending on the make of the shell) and it comes out due to gravity from having the dropin upside down.

In the future, I was thinking about putting slots on the edge of the optics so that I can use the slots to pull out the optics. I’m not sure if that will effect the beam but I’m guessing it won’t since I won’t touch the TIRs.

Dunno if you have access to ’em, but if you pinch each leg (2 simultaneously) between thumb and forefinger, the sides of your fingers can spread ’em apart like a soft wedge. Rotate 1-2, 1-3, 2-3, etc. a few times each ’til it pops off.

OK did you try Gorilla Tape? What P60 Triple is this? Can you post a pic of it?

Double side 3M tape, thin version, not the one with foam between sticky layers.

If you have access to the internal volume — compressed air.

OK did you try Gorilla Tape? What P60 Triple is this? Can you post a pic of it?

Here’s one of them and I don’t have gorilla tape. Gorilla tape will cost me like $8-9 which is more than the cost of a new optic.





I’ve tried double sided tape, foam and thin. The tape comes off of the optic and won’t stick. Has anyone had the same problem and have a tried and true method of taking out optics that are hard to pull out? I have tried a bunch of different sticky tapes and suction items to pull off the optic but to no avail.

The tried and true method is Don’t press fit your optic into your P60 shell jeez!

Buy a new optic, rip this one out and fit it right!

my personal method may not work and has been mentioned by Lightbringer but differently.

I used a small knife and rotate around the seams. Slowly going through the perimeter hoping it will come off

There is plety of room inside legs. Can drill&tap holes, drive screws inside and pull it out.
After you will have optics almost ready for tritium (or ruined one).
P.S. Most 10507s have pin going out of main radius border. Probably it is too tight because of this pin. Try to cut this edge with razor blade.

Yeah, I was trying to see if anyone had any other special tricks. I don’t have another optic lying around but I guess I’ll just have to order some.

I wanted to point out, if I don’t press fit the optic into the shell then there will be a gap between the optic and leds, and the beam will be affected. Also, by the pressure of the head/bezel of the flashlight, the main spring, and battery the optic will be pushed into the p60 shell. So there’s no real way to avoid it.

I don’t have the skills to drill the legs without messing it up. However, in the future I’ll try cutting the pin you are referring to but I think I’ll just cut a slots at the edge of the optic so I can use tweezers/small flat head to pull the optic.

Drilling the legs seems easy so i wonder if you’ve misunderstood the instruction? You gently drill down into the leg (or all three legs) a couple of millimetres with a thin drill bit then screw in a similar sized self-tapping screw. It only needs to go in a couple of turns to give you something to pull on.