Help! Sipik SK68 tailcap stuck!

As you’ve noticed from the title of this post, my tailcap is stuck! The SK68 has a well known problem of a difficult to remove tailcap but mine is seriously stuck. I’ve tried using a non-stick mat wrapped around it to gain more traction but to avail. Also tried heating it with a match stick, putting a drop of oil in the gap between the cap and body.

Please does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advanced

Buy a new :wink:

A vise.

Get someone stronger to do it :slight_smile:

Or if it’s really stuffed, you can always buy a new one like mountainking said, since they’re worth peanuts

I had one that for whatever reason had loctite on it. I managed to open it with vice grips and a clamp. :)

I was just going to suggest what Scaru did... vice grips or slip-joint pliers. Try some type of buffer first to avoid marring the tailcap edges.

Just wrap it up in electrical tape ahead of time and then it won't scratch.

One of the handiest $2 items in my garage is a removable piece of scrap pliable leather I got from a leather craft shop. Here in the states they’re known (still?) as Tandy Stores. It’s big enough to drape in a U-shape into the vice, and thick enough (at least 1/4”) that it still compresses. The compressable part is important as it applies in most cases just enough gradual clamping force without crushing yet enough to do the job. You just have to remember to turn the vice handle in little increments until it reaches the right point.

Thinner leather is harder to control as it tends to reach max force too quickly and easily. A 1/4” thick piece will practically last forever. Leather craft shops typically have a barrel full of these scraps btw and a lot of those pieces will already naturally have a nice u-shape to them.

Vice grip + leather sounds good to me.

A sipik I gifted to a friend got a stuck tailcap, it turned out the battery (alkaline ) had leaked.

I hope this is not your case.

Ive gotten lights apart using a bench-vise and a plumbing pipe strap-wrench.

Good Luck!! sounds like an alkaline leak.

PB Blaster

Spray it and let it soak over night. Try using a vice grip carefully so you don’t marr it up to bad.

Try disassemble the light by removing the lamp from the front. Unscrew the aspheric lense and use a tweezer to remove the led head. Maybe that would be easier to unscrew then.

Just a thought

OK, for SK68 - did you mess with the clip screw (e.g remove the clip etc)? Because if you did, you may have tightened it too deep until the screw grip into the tailcap thread.

That's the main reason for stuck SK68. Try loosening the clip screw anyway even if you did not mess with it.

That was exactly what I did! I took the clip out and put the screws back in. They’ve gone in too far, through the body and were pressing on the tailcap threads. I removed the screws and lubed up the threads, now its opening fine :slight_smile: Thanks guys for all the help and suggestions.

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