Help! TCR10 busted driver

I haven’t had the light long when something happened and the light wouldn’t turn on. The coloured led still worked but not the main led. I emailed jetbeam and they gave me an address to send it to in china but a couple months later my package has been returned to sender.

I opened it up to look at it and found both + and - wires to the led had separated from the board. I got some wire and solder and connected it up. Still doesn’t work and I can smell the distinct smell of cooked components. It seemed to have a short somewhere as the board and battery heated up even from just a little use.

I’m guessing I cannot replace the board, no?? Any suggestions?

Contact Jetbeam with photos of the fried board, I think they have a very good warranty.

They’ll ask you to send it back, or better yet, just send you a replacement driver.

That’s probably my best bet, to ask jetbeam to send a new driver. Thanks ryansoh