help to find/build a tiny potted low voltage alarm

Since everyone here works with very small electronic components, I figured if any forum I am on would know, its you guys and gals.

Currently working on my offroad rigs wiring, and ran into something I cant find a variation I like.

I am wanting a small adjustable or programmable voltage sensor that can trigger a relay to kill power if my aux battery gets low at camp.

There are several around, but they are much larger than I want, as I already have too much crap stuffed in every part of this rig.

What I am looking for would include….

  1. completely potted for vibration resistance, and some water resistance.
  2. able to fine tune the trigger voltage within a range of ~ 11.7 - 12.4V and have it trigger consistently at the same voltage setting once set.
  3. very compact, with 18-20 gauge wires coming out of the potting compound OR reasonably sized soldering tabs. ( I do solder on drivers regularly, but maybe these should be on the large side comparatively )
  4. trigger output can be + or -, and would not need to be over 1A. (Bonus if I could get 2 separate triggers at different voltage levels, but thats just a stretch )
  5. THE BIG ISSUE. roughly the size of a ISO 280 series micro relay like in the link below, or smaller. The idea is for it to fit INSIDE of a Bussmann relay box.

Maybe there is something out there that fits the bill, but I sure am not having any luck finding it.

Any thoughts or ideas will be helpful.