Help! What are you talking about?

Here’s my first post! I am so new to all of this I don’t understand half of what is being discussed in these posts under the “General Info” much less when I start looking around at the other posts here. I have been on this site for more than 2 hours trying to find a post that has definitions so I can learn the terminology but have not been able to find anything. Is there such a post?

I am looking for a low budget flashlight and would like to keep a first purchase to less than US $40-$50 or so, for the flashlight, batteries and charger. If the charger I have listed below will work than I will just throw the monies I would spend for that into the flashlight and batteries. I got interested in getting a “bright” flashlight with a a variable focus from a flood to a longer throw while looking on eBay. Is there one flashlight that does both or should I buy 2 less expensive flashlights that separate the two focus’s? I have no idea what to look for and the more I read the posts here the more I realize I really don’t know what I’m looking for. What are your suggestions for a flashlight/s?

I have an model airplane charger, a Triton 2, 7A Charge, 3A Discharge, 10 Cycles, 1-5S Lipo, 1-24 NICd/MH, with temperature monitoring. Will this work for the batteries commonly used in these flashlights? I am assuming that it will but would like confirmation as none of the chargers I see listed have any specs on them. They just state they are this or that battery listed at 3.7 volts. Here’s a link for the specs on the Triton 2 if needed:

My next question is the Triton 2 overkill or should I just make it easier and buy a less expensive one that plugs into the 110 AC outlet that will handle my current and possible future needs? Any suggestions?

I probably have missed asking some very basic question in all of this but I’ll start here and if you have any further information as to what I should be looking for please do tell!


Hi Cruzr, welcome to BLF!

Don’t worry about the terminology, just sit back and relax, and you’re going to be addicted in no time. :stuck_out_tongue:

For starters, check out the Flashlight Wiki: Some great information there.

Your hobby charger is overkill, but as it seems you’re familiar with model airplanes, I’m assuming that you’re also familiar with li-ion safety. Unless you make your own cradle, it will be very hard to charge multiple 18650 li-ion batteries simultaneously.

FastTech sells some good 18650’s for the prices.

Generally the zoomable flashlights are not efficiently because they lost brightness when zoomed in. For a thrower, I would recommend the Jacob A60 and for a flooder there are a lot of options. A Convoy C8 would be a good general purpose flashlight.

Welcome to BLF, Cruzr! :party: Terminology can be overwhelming. There is a glossary in the wiki: