Help with a crazy idea. for a BLF A6/Convoy/Astrolux host

I’m new to the forum so lets just start off with crazy stuff,

I see by a quick search I’m not the first to have this idea (my kind of people) but I never saw a post that it was actually done. (But there are a LOT of posts!)
So if it’s been done I guess these questions are moot.

The idea is….
Using a BLF / Atrolux / Convoy host with 2 well matched 18350 batterys for higher voltage.
Is it possible to use a “QLITE 6V+ Zener Mod - For 6V MT-G2/XHP” driver and a
“Cree MT-G2 Q0 5000K 6V LED on 16mm Noctigon Copper MCPCB” to make a small monster?

Concerns are,
Bad heat issues! (I know it would be a short use light but just how short before it self destructs or you cant hold it?)
Could the 18350’s handle it? I have Xpower’s max pulse 10A. How long would they last?
LED fitting through the reflector even with the centering ring removed.
If the bottom of the reflector hole would need to be enlarged would that destroy the optics?
Would the reflector “bottom out” against the LED. Or would it need to be shortened too? (once again optics)
Domed or de-domed? De-domed would solve some “fit” issues.
Any of the hosts have a “Better Reflector” or “body” for this idea?
For the driver, add 7135 chips to increase driver current? how many? All 8?
A guess at total lumen output with bypass mod and extra 7135 chips?

One more side question…
I am planning to do the spring bypass mod (front and back) and was wondering if solder wick would work for the bypass?
Perhaps even wrapping the spring with the wick and soldering at the top and bottom. It would move quite well and look good too.
I have it on hand, but would it handle the load? It wouldn’t be carrying the brunt of the load as the spring would still be conducting as well.
Or is the load shifted to the copper being the path of least resistance. Not my area of knowledge.

Whew, that’s a lot of questions and thoughts.
Feel free to break this up any way you see fit to answer.

Thanks for your help and experience,

It will work fine but get hot very quickly and be very floody.

A few members have done this with the Convoy S series.

Here’s an example.

I have done a similar thing about a year ago, a Convoy S8 host, 2x18350, zener-modded BLF17DD direct driver, XHP50 led (warm white). I made it as a proof of concept at the time, without expectations of actual usability, but I have used it way more often than I ever though, it puts out 2000 lumen of warm white flood, in a forest you can kind of ‘switch the light on’ with it, light up a whole area, which proved extremely useful on an excursion I did with adolescents visiting ancient grave hills. The runtime at high setting is very short of course, and with fresh batteries it can get too hot to hold, but already when there’s a slight breeze, the light can handle it fine (the S8 has small fins that actually do some job). On lower settings the light still puts out very useful light and has a decent runtime.