Help with identifying cells pulled from laptop-packs

LILM4B9: got 8 of 8 good ones, all above 3.6v!

LC3FM46: got 6 of 8 good ones, 2 @ 2.1v.

Googled and found nothing…

Any pics?

Sure wish I had taken a pic or had written down the code on the cells from a pack I took apart over the weekend. Similar to yours and Google came up blank. Mine are from an old Dell D820 pack and have red wrap on them. I will check the code when I get home and post them. 6 of the 9 were good (3.6v) and the rest were bad (@2.5v). The good ones all charged up to 4.19 without warming in the least. I am fearing that they have very poor capacity to begin with but not sure since they don't have the mAh on the pack label. I think it was either 75WHr or 85WHr.

Pretty sure it was this pack:

Red-wrapped cells from Dells are typically Sanyo and have been decent salvages for me...

All red ones…

The LILM:s from a Fujitsu-pack Product no: FPCBP176 14.4v 5200maH 74Wh

The LC3:s from a Fujitsu-pack Product no : FPCBP144 14.4v 5200maH