Help with resistor mod

Hey guys, I purchased a skyray 3800 3 x XML a few days ago and I’m looking to modify it for higher output. I run it with two 18650’s in series. I measured 1.4 amps at the tailcap on high, and would like to double that. My cheap C8 XM-L runs at 2.8 amps on a single LED, so I figured I would be able to drive 3 led’s in this light ya about the same, maybe 2.4 amps.

Here is a picture of the driver, any idea which one is the sense resistor, and what resistor I would need to solder on top to achieve the desired output?

Thanks in advance!

Just an FYI, tail cap measurements with series cells vs a single/parallel cells is apples to oranges, since voltage is doubled with 2S current is halved.

Good point, I figured that was the case here. Am I correct in that distributing that wattage between three emitters is effictively splitting it in thirds? My thinking was that 8v @ 1.4a between three emitters still left some room for improvement compared to the output of my single XM-L.

There is always room for increasement of current :wink:
The R150 are the sensing resistors…

I see two R150 there and the 9266A is a dual N-channel FET. Should they parallelly drive the LED?