help need help identifying this light. its not a zoomer its fixed and i love it. i’d like another or to know where i can buy another head for some existing lights this size. any help is appreciated

If you could upload the photo to a image hosting site, that would be great!

Edit: Here you go. :slight_smile:

not sure how to do that sorry i’m new to foruming ;)

Where and when did you get that one?

ebay and about 3 weeks ago. i love it. easily hits hard at about 500 feet and i only payed 11$ for it

Looks something like the generic 3xAAA XML2 I bought off ebay a couple months ago for about $12, very bright, very cheap, mine is I think 5 modes with strobe and SOS, but its so big I rarely use it. I recall people calling it a 501b or 502b clone.

I can't remember seeing that anywhere else than eBay. I wasn't so impressed (as stock - and it still waits for modding).

heres the specs they gave
60mm 5-function LED Flashlight with 200 Lumens of Max. Output and 800 Yards of Effective Illumination
Best in class with CREE Q5 LED
Long Distance Spot Focus Lamp Produces Highly Focused Light Beam
5-function Integrated Reflector & Bulb (IRB) with 3 Brightness levels, Strobe and Signal Functions
Interchangeable Light Body
Material: Aluminum
Flashlight Bulb Type: 60mm LED IRB
Flashlight Voltage(V): 6
Flashlight Max. Lumen(Lumens): 200
Flashlight Battery Operating Time: 1.5 hrs+
Switch Operating Type: Push-button
Flashlight Focus: Preset
Light Source Type: LED
Max. Output(Lumens): High Brightness: 200
Medium Brightness: 100
fast strobe
Battery Operating Time: High Brightness: 1.5hrs+
Medium Brightness: 3hrs+
fast stobe: 6hrs+
Battery Type: 18650 Battery(Not Included)
Reflector Diameter: 60mm

Lesson one in the art of Google, take any “ad text” and put quotes and it and google, as many ads use the text supplied by the manufacturer.

“5-function Integrated Reflector & Bulb (IRB)” gave me some hits for expensive lights, added 18650, switched to image search and

Is that an affiliate link ? :wink:
ducks whatever you just threw at me :bigsmile:

Yes! I'm highly affiliated with BLF. ;)

Glad someone here can have a laugh about the absurdity of this topic :wink: