Here's a funny story

Here’s a funny story. This week it’s been raining and I made the mistake of using the wrong entrance to my property and got stuck. I tried digging, stuffing things under the tires and broke my rope using 1k pound chain host and eight hours later it’s buried up to the frame. I finally gave up and called GEICO. The first company didn’t show up after two hours so I called back and they called another company who sent a 20ft f450 with a rollback who promptly got stuck two feet from my main gate. Keep in mind that my main gate is a half mile from the road. 7 hours after digging, shoving stuff under the tires and trying to use the hydraulic bed to get the truck out it was buried to the frame. He finally gave up and called for a ride. They sent everyone out in the morning with a 1 ton diesel and 4x4 jeep and finally pulled everyone out. The whole time the guy was very nice about it all even 40 degrees in the rain at night. I’m glad I bought a bunch of flashlights from this forum because I went through 3 1/2 half charged batteries throughout the whole thing.

And then you gave away all your lights to the lads that came and help?


I tried to give the driver my free thorfire penlight but he wouldn’t take it.

Cool, glad it got worked out! Nice light use, sounds like an ethical tow truck driver too… Pretty cool for a bad situation…