Here's a quick Spam-disposal technique for those so inclined.

Hi folks,

We have a daily influx of those who we (in polite company) call "Spammers."

Since this is a largely community-policed forum, we can all pitch in a bit to rid our beloved site of this e-scum.

The removal of Spam is based on how many users click on the "report Spam" button in the lower-right corner of the dialog box.

Here's how to help clean it up quickly:

  1. Report the Spam post.
  2. Click on the Spammer's user name.
  3. On their 'account' page, click the "track" tab.

This will bring up all of the threads in which the spammer has recently posted. I like to open each link in a new tab, then report the vicious, evil, genital-withering SPAM !!!

Have at 'em, boys.

Aw , c'mon . Spammers are fun .

A good technique that I've used several times in the past.