Here's another interesting site: LED related and keychain lights

Here's a link to the flashlight section :

I ended up buying a red LED and a UV (purple) LED keychain for about $3 each and while I was at it I bought the $5 keychain LED projection clock. Shipping was only $3 and if you look around there is a coupon code for a 5% discount as well.

It says it's for returning customers but I'm not one of those and it worked for me.

I used RE986.

The stuff I ordered was cheap and I'm bored and it ships more or less immediately from St. Louis so I gave it a shot.

They have a lot of LED's for DIY type projects as well.

I get nothing from posting this (no click through) by the way It was just a new site for me and it had some cheap and interesting items and shipping is reasonable. I get turned off by $8 shipping for $3 lights!

Nice site.

Just as a follow up since I received the items today. They were shipped on the 5th and I got them today (7th)!

I got 3 items. So here is a mini-review! I got a red LED keychain button style light. It takes a little pressure to activate but it's more a matter of figuring out just where to place your finger. It has a little (tiny) slider on the back to change from momentary to staying on.

Not bad for the price. I would only use the staying on mode due to the sustained pressure required to use the momentary option.

The other one is a purple (UV) keychain light. At first I thought it didn't work. It's identical in appearance as far as the package to the red LED model. It doesn't work so well in momentary mode but when used in the staying on mode it works fine.

I have some more expensive keychain lights coming but they haven't arrived yet (tomorrow I think). I partially ordered these just for some comparisions. I'm sure the others will be a bit larger and easier to operate.

The purple light which is supposed to be UV as well does work to locate the hidden counterfeit strip in a U.S. $20 bill but I get the feeling that most of the output is in the visible (near UV) range. It certainly looks like a bright purple beam.

It will be interesting to see how the more expensive light compares in this regard.

The 3rd item was just a novelty purchase however I like it! It's a keychain sized red LED projection clock. It's more or less the size of my little finger. Leave it on your nightstand and all you have to do in the middle of the night to see what time it is is to press a button the the time is projected in red (optimally) from 2-6 feet away on to the wall.

I ordered several things starting last weekend. This was the last order placed and the first to arrive and the cheapest shipping.

I ordered somethings a few days earlier from Edmunds Scientific and they arrived later today. The shipping was twice as much as the order described above. The crazy thing is they shipped in UPS Ground in two separate boxes. Each box was big enough to ship a phone book in. In the first box was my order for a credit card sized plastic freznel lens meant to be kept in a wallet to be used as a magnifying/reading glass.

The second box was just as large (separate labeling/packing, etc) and it held a $2 cardboard pair of glasses (think 3D) with diffusion grating instead of lenses. I ordered it in that configuration only because that was the cheapest way to get the diffusion grating.

On the other hand the LED orders above came via the postage office in a 8x10 padded envelope and contained 2 lights and a clock!

I think I'm going to try to only deal with local companies with reasonable shipping prices/practices. I decided not to place an order earlier today with a company with overpriced shipping, slow shipping and poor shipping choices (and overpriced merchandise).

I also think that I won't use Battery Junction anymore even though they are a good company just because of the inflated shipping. I had used them once before and found what I wanted and they have good service but there are other companies that have that as well and use US Priority Mail and at cost.