Hey from PA

Well I couldn’t figure out CPF. let’s see how I do with BLF. Been reading topics from you guys for months now. Just got the A6…and melted my switch soldering. But I found mountain electronics on here. Very helpful, very friendly people. :slight_smile:

Welcome. Richard from mountain electronics is great. Everyone here has been very helpful and very positive. Quit refreshing.

I hope you have fun here, ZED!

It is that flashlights are a hot topic and leds become hot when in use, otherwise this would certainly be the coolest place on the interwebz :wink:

Welcome !!

Make a budget and stick to it!

Welcome Zed! Like everyone else has said, Richard at Mountain Electronics is top notch. His prices are so awesome, you’ll end up spending your entire paycheck on his site :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Ask me how I know :wink:



From Valley Forge,Capo[SIBERIAN WOLF!] and Roberto! 8)

Are you capolini over on cpf? Man I spend too much time reading about flashlights. Thanks for the greeting.

YES!!! LOL! U recognized my Husky photo!

I’m pretty new here too, but I can say I’ve found this to be a remarkably friendly and helpful forum. 8) Welcome!


Thanks flashination! I don’t feel so stupid here like I did on CPF, however I love both forums reviews. I never got any welcome there. Thanks, it’s cool to know there are tards like me and I don’t get made fun of for liking “flashlights”!

Welcome to BLF - have a beer :beer:

I had 7.

Dude I always checked out what capolini had to say. Can I talk to you when I have stupid questions?

Welcome to this addictive hobby and site from Hawaii!

Bout 7 at night and working on 7th beer too…=)

Thanks for the greeting man. Or girl. I’ve had enough tonight. It’s 2 am in PA.

You don’t have to PM an individual user for questions hahaha! Search around first for a solution, if it’s not conclusive then open up a new thread! :wink: That way you won’t only have the answer from an individual user but others as well! Welcome to BLF and enjoy yourself! :smiley: