hi do you like 2AA battery light? Jaxman M2 is ready

It grows on me too, especially I like the large-ish OP reflector that reminds me of the good old RC-G2. And as a fan of simple UI’s: I think 60-400lm is just great!

Jaxman, just one question: is the low 60 lumen mode made by PWM (pulse width modulation)? And if so, what is the frequency of pulsing?

Good try.
I think in this format, the flashlight should be as compact as possible.
No unnecessary details. Only a smooth body. Smooth lines.
Maglite is an ideal example.
I’m already silent about the triple in such a flashlight :slight_smile:


hi dear,
next floor gives you answer.

According to our test, 2 pcs Ni MH batteries,2100mA, the runtime is 88min. in high mode.

The runtime is depended on the battery ,so we can not give much informations. While ,its efficiency is not bad.


dear ,AA size battery is 14mm OD. and 50mm in length. So I can call them 14500 batteries.
The driver can not fit for 2 Li Ion 14500 batteries.Pls note this.

No PWM dear.
It is another solution for this.

1 pcs 14500 3.7V battery is ok, but the M2 is a 2 AA light. so you need a “0V battery”.We have the kind of “battery”,but we did not make it on sale.

an occupation battery a Dummy Cell,yes. a ZERO voltage part,just like a battery.
I will issue this kind of parts on my AE.


hi dear, I think the 2 battery size is a concorde, but 1 PCS AA is not.

For 1 pcs AA, we have a E3.

Thanks for the answers jaxman. The 88 minutes on high and no PWM for the low mode convinced me :slight_smile:

I ordered one!

Why is that . Not to be rude but in the 3rd last line of the op there is this comment And we would like to hear your advice

and AFAIC some members have done exactly that , I don’t see a problem ? everyone has been polite about it .

Is there any group buy or discount code?
Jaxman M2 seems to be a good flashlight , but the price is close to ThruNite Archer 2A V3.

I’m not sure if jaxman does group buys/discounts.

Yes, the price is close (but still lower) to premium brand 2xAA lights that have more features. What you get from Jaxman is a larger reflector, this light has some throw, and it is probably easier to disassemble and mod (if you are into that). At least that is why I bought one, and I don’t care much about fancy UI’s.

I like it but a nichia would be nice

Interesting light. Not so many budget 2*AA lights on the market. My first reaction was…hmm that head is a biy big… Now my 2nd reaction is more like: its rather unique to have a larger size head for 2AA light. Just the length of the head in comparison to the body is a little off i feel like. Its a tad too long…

hi dear,pls see the picture:

To change the Lamp is simply. We want all guys know the new model first and listen to the ideas of all, and then we will make a point-plan in next batch mass production.

Nichia is not a new things, we are almost the China first manufaturer who use Nichia High CRI led in flashlights.

How do you change modes? By clicking or by twisting the head?

It is a new model, and we charge it a lower price now. there is no discount.

Sorry for it.