Hi everyone, torch enthusiast here!

I forgot that I have never actually posted here before! I want to share my journey of lights over the past year.

It was a year ago when I joined this wonderful family. I remember it clearly because I was researching the powerful Trust fire TR1200 I saw on dealextreme. It was $35, and very expensive for me at the time. I was already going over my budget by a whopping $5! I was confused about ‘Chinese’ lumen claims, real lumens and OTF lumens. I had no clue whatsoever about lux or candela. I just wanted something that was brighter than my energizer rechargeable torch.

I remember waiting for over a month for my torch to arrive (DX, duh) and being so excited that having a few nicks and scratches didn’t worry me at all. When I turned it on it was just a powerhouse and decimated everything I had previously owned.

And then I started to read more, participate in discussions more and eventually lead me to buying my still favourite torch the TF 3T6.
It was brighter, but had less throw. And then the Sky ray King emerged, and everyone said it was at least 50% brighter. At this time there were no such readings of lumens or throw as these were cheap Chinese lights. We could only go off people’s estimation.

Compared to the maximum of 2000 lumen lights we had then, we now have lights which easily go past 6000 lumens. We used to have 100kcd max, now we have 900kcd. When I think about how far we’ve come in the past year I think about how far we will have have gone in another year. Things that seem impossible now, will they become a reality? Will we achieve an LED light with 600+kcd that isn’t an aspheric? Will we achieve insane efficient lights that last for weeks on a single charge?

And then I look at myself today. I can tell which light will have more throw, more output, better heat sinking just by looking at the body and emitter. When I was still a newb I wouldn’t know what to look for in a light.

I want to say thanks to everyone - the people who have left, and the people here now. You all have helped me learn about this amazing hobby! I am truly grateful to be a part of this forum! :bigsmile:

It's good to have you here, Slewflash!

No raccoon city, it’s good to have YOU here.

A year ago dedoming an LED was almost unheard of. Now it’s so common and a way has been found to do it incredibly quick and easy.

It’s nice to think about how far flashlights have progressed, and that we were and will be here to witness it. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome neighbour.

Well said! +1!

And thank YOU too, for being an important part of this forum!

Thank you Slewflash, for being so patient with sharing your knowledge and skills in flashlight, as well as looking out for newbie. Will always remember that, it is you who had brightened up my idea of flashlight further by pointing out the diversified options (e.g. Solarforce)!

Just admit it, “enthusiast” is just a better sounding word for “addict” :bigsmile:

Thank you everyone! :bigsmile:

It's been good having you here Slewflash! Thanks for sharing your journey! I'm sure it's only yet begun!


Good point about the progress we have made. It used to be that the POB HID was the king of lights you could buy (as far as throw goes), but once I recieved mine I discovered that my custom made Flydragon (XM-L being direct driven) throws just as well as the POB. Now what about if I used an XR-E? Then it would surely beat the POB.

Never heard of the Flydragon before, got any pics? :smiley: