Hi Everyone

Hello from Scotland in the UK , i hunt a lot and would like to find out about led flashlights for hunting at night

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Welcome to BLF! What type of lights do you want? (Gun mount/hand held?)

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Thanks Folks, i use a scope mounted lightforce lamp,so at the moment i am looking for a flashlight to scan with out to200- 250yds

Welcome to BLF, Kev!

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Are you looking to replace the scope mounted light or one to use by hand for pre scanning a field?

What type of cells are you currently using? Do you want a single cell or multi cell light?

A good hunting light is the skyray stl-v2. It’ll throw about 350 yards.
Up until 250 yards you’ll be able to identify things quite easily with this light.
It takes 2 18650 batteries and gives out about 750 otf lumens.

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G’day mate. What critters do you hunt over there?

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