Hi everyone

hello everyone, I am new here. Been using a AAA key chain flashlight for years. Just get myself a Nitecore MH20GT recently.

Make yourself at home, chongnt!

Welcome to BLF, chongnt!

Welcome to BLF!

Hey mate! how are finding the output difference in your lights?

Hi chongnt, welcome to BLF!
You showed us that you have taken the next step. From keychain light to a serious light with a reputable name. But now you’re on BLF. Before you take the next step, look through the reviews you can find here. Or else: start a new thread and simply ask what you want to know. Remember the hit song by Jerry and the Pacemakers: “You’ll never be broke alone”.
Or something like that :wink:

Welcome! Have fun here!


Welcome to the forum.