Hi from Australia

Hi everyone. Scott’s my name and I’m happy to be a new member of BLF.

I’ve been lurking for a while, reading some of the great reviews on here by the members. Very helpful info and a wealth of knowledge on the site.

I’ve been posting on CPF for a little while.

My main interest in lights started off with my use of them for hunting lights, mounted on rifles and shotguns. Now I just like flashlights!

I’ve also used some of my lights for night mountain biking.

Here’s a brief rundown on what I have in my collection so far:

Solarforce L2 sand, one with XR-E with aspheric lens for rifle mounting.

Same thing with red SForce dropin and aspheric for same purpose.

Silver L2 with XR-E for general use.

L2i, black, with same dropin that lives beside the bed. Perhaps my favourite L2 for it’s hand filling, chunky feel and sharp knurling – wish I’d gotten more!

Black 2011 L2M with Pro-1 head attached and optional extension tube.

Black L2M with three mode XP-G

Brown P1 with three mode XP-G

Solarforce L2T with the three mode Ultrafire XM-L which is my work light (LEO)

The obligatory Sipik SK68

Uniquefire S10.

Eagletac T100C2 with cool white XP-E and SMO.

Ultrafire WF-008 recoil thrower – the single mode version.

Black Diamond Spot headlamp.

Princeton Tec EOS that is geographically embarrassed ATM – lying in a paddock somewhere after it came off my head.

Generic DOS flood to throw headlamp.

Soon to have the Roche F12 Desert Mini from Int-outdoors.

Anyway, it’s good to be on board BLF!

welcome to BLF mate.:slight_smile:
enjoy the forums and the company here.

Are you the same blitzwing from the “other side?”

Welcome either way. :slight_smile:

Welcome !

Hiya Blitzwing, and welcome to BLF. We're sure getting a lot of aussies these days :)

Btw, it looks like you're on your way to giving Foy a run for his money on the solarforce lights! They really are good lights...

Welcome to BLF, Blitzwing!

Good to have you aboard Scott. welcome

Wow, quite an impressive collection, Scott! Welcome to BLF.

Welcome! I’m from Australia too.
The fact that you actually use your lights properly is cool.
I know some members here (me included) don’t hae any real use for flashlights. I just like them.


Welcome Blitzwing. Good to see a few more locals on here!

Welcome aboard mate.

Looking over your collection I didn’t see any multi emitter XML lights?

You must treat yourself to a King or Dry (if you want to stay within the 18650s) or look into a TJ12 (26650).
One of these lights will blow your mind!!!

Where about’s in Australia are you?

Thanks for the welcome everyone.

No, no multi XM-L lights. I really go for things that I can rifle mount or that are pocket sized for EDC. Rifle mounting means a 25 or 30mm body generally.

I’m in Victoria.

I like this guy already!

Thanks for signing up, blitzwing!

Gday, no need to apologise mate, even Victorians are welcome here :stuck_out_tongue:

You might like one of those G4s that were in the group buy, I got one to rifle mount, I’m looking for a decent remote switch for it now

Welcome to the family, Scott!!

Welcome to the forum, multi emitter lights work well for riding trails. They help you see things you wouldn’t otherwise miss. Ouch.